A Guy Ran a Marathon With a Bloody Nose and Won This Amazing Photoshop Battle

According to the Reddit post that started this photoshop battle, this man got a nose bleed around mile two of the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Instead of quitting to find a bathroom, he stuck a tampon in his nose to stop the bleeding and ran the rest of the race wearing this pained expression. Good thing though, because if he had just quit then we wouldn't have all these beautiful photoshops.

Photoshop battle of a bloody nosed marathon runner that is the inner athlete in all of us
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infographic richest people split new york city
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How much would it cost to buy a city? That's a question usually reserved for Batman villians, but it could be done if the first 12 members of the Forbes' World Billionaire List pooled their money together. 

The folks over at PropertyShark did some math to see how "the wealthy dozen" could divvy up Manhattan. They put their results in a handy infographic, which we posted below. 

via Randar

As for the outer boroughs, PropertyShark said: 

"Sprawling Queens would have a record low population density under this scenario, with just the top 3 billionaires – Gates, Ortega and Buffett – having enough zeroes between them to buy the entire borough, for a total value of $192.5B.

As for Brooklyn, it would be the turf of the next 6 billionaires on the Top 10 Richest list, once they put forth a little over $245B to cover the bill. Ranking 4th to 9th on the Forbes list, Carlos Slim Helu, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch could trade in pieces of Manhattan for the entirety of cool Brooklyn."

It's all very cool and very expensive. Fortunately, you don't need to buy the city to enjoy the infographic.  

How Many Billionaires Does It Take to Buy Manhattan
via by PropertyShark

WTF of The Day: Brooklyn Rat Climbs on Sleeping Man, Takes a Rat Selfie
Via FOX61
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Rats are having quite a year.

First it was Pizza Rat and now it's Selfie Rat.

Don Richards says he was visiting Brooklyn this week when he captured incredible footage of a rat climbing on top of a sleeping man in the subway and inadvertently taking a selfie with the man's phone.

The flash from the camera woke up the man who was very surprised to see a rat sitting in his lap.

Both men exchanged footage and the rat selfie as proof of this unbelievable story.

Via Metro US
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All you white people who live in Brooklyn, now you know whom to thank.

This enraged guy was filmed straight up screaming and threatening the lives of a couple who pushed their stroller into him while he was out for a run. In the middle of his anti-yuppie rant, he loudly took credit for 'settling' Brooklyn for white people like them.


In an interview with The Gothamist, the man who wants to remain anonymous at least has some shame about the episode.

The man who was recently caught on video berating a couple after their stroller hit his leg has not yet watched the video of himself shouting about how he "settled" Downtown Brooklyn for other white people. "I'm not gonna watch it, I understand it's probably ugly, and I'll feel embarrassed about it," the man told Gothamist. "I can't stand to watch that stuff."

He explained his side of the events that went down when the stroller hit his leg:

"The woman is talking over her shoulder to her husband, and doesn't notice," he said. "So I said a snarky thing, which the brothers say to me when I bump into them, which is 'excuse you.' We all know that's acceptable in New York. It's a little dicky, but that's what people say."

Instead of apologizing or acknowledging the faux pas, B.A. says the woman "starts screaming at me, 'F*ck you! Who do you think you are?' Then the guy starts screaming at me, 'F*ck you,' and starts coming at me with his fists like this. Now as soon as the guy comes at me with his fists, I'm telling you, if you come at somebody with your fists, be prepared that [the other person] is going to put their fists back up."

If there is any leeway you can give this guy, it's that the supposed run-in with the stroller did leave a mark.

Still definitely not an excuse to claim ownership of bringing white people to Brooklyn.

I don't even know where to start with that.

By Unknown
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Spike Lee's latest joint tells the story of young Flik Royale, who is shipped from his Atlanta home to the tough streets of Brooklyn to spend a summer with his deeply religious grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse, played by Lester Freamon Clarke Peters. it's another installment in Lee's Chronicles of Brooklyn series, which includes Do The Right Thing, Clockers and He Got Game.