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Employee changes passwords and then goes on vacation story | Posted by u Morgoth 9 hours ago 2 3 2 35 3 Force take my vacation time dont want and tell secure my station by freshening up my passwords before go? Okay boss. oc s start with, my boss had his moments. Sometimes he dick who would push off on my raises or screw with my system, sometimes he would hook up and make my life pleasant. This not one latter.

Jerk Boss Bumps Vacation, Employee Changes Passwords and Leaves

"If that's what you want me to do boss, okay."
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really bad business practices

The Worst Business Practices People Have Seen

What a bold strategy.
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products that have big crazy markups | DownBad1 1 day ago never forget learning movie theater worked at paid $5 24 pack Dasani bottles charged $4.50 1.

Products That Are Too Marked Up For Their Own Good

It's just frustrating.
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business names that are puns |  THORASSIC PARK 21ST CENTURY CHIROPRACTIC Jurassic park | PLANET GRAPES WINES SPIRITS 020 7405 4912 NETOFTHEGRAPES.CO.UK Planet of the apes

Pun Business Names That Really Went For It

Let's make chiropractics fun!
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rich owner's son told truth that he doesn't own the business | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/senoramoncada AITA telling my friend he is basically an employee his dad and not business owner like he says he is? Not hole My friend J comes wealthy family as his dad owns several successful businesses. He's not snob, but recently he's become bit preachy about s better be an entrepreneur than an employee talked about several times before been working financial company 9 years

Owner's Son Hears the Truth about His Own Ambition

Your dad's business isn't your business.
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boss review response | asked representative 9 discount on screen and this reply got offer is joke, and good part our reputation is responding kind silliness kind want us sell this part less than our wholesale cost is ridiculous would say on par with ridiculousness question Unprofessional and unwarranted harassment..

Boss Responds to Unreasonable Review with Fire

It's like they were waiting for this.
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A business associate won't pay off his personal loan, so he gets his house taken | r/ProRevenge u/TheBreakUp2013 4h Join Business Associate Won't Pay His Personal Loan, So Take His House This happened 13 years ago, but details remain as clear as average post-COVID day is long background, l'm an attorney and have experience commercial lending business associate who had struck out on his own real estate development company approached about borrowing substantial sum money (low 6-figures had but

Business Associate Won't Pay Personal Loan, Gets House Taken

The man was destined for self destruction.
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Funny memes, cat memes, work memes, obvious plant, life, work.

30 Silly Memes For When There's Nothing Better To Do

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underage kid denied from adopting cat

Girl Accusing Cat Cafe of Discrimination Gets Shut down by Owner's Full Story

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Destination of the Day: Russian Store Where You Can Pay to Break Stuff

russian space lets you pay to break things debosh
Via The Washington Post

Political Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Trump in it for a Better TV Deal

trending politics news donald trump president michael moore tv deal conspiracy theory
Via Michael Moore / AlterNet

A Porn Website Just Joined the Ranks of Businesses and Entertainers That Are Pulling out of North Carolina

lgbtq news business A Porn Website Just Joined the Ranks of Businesses and Entertainers That Are Pulling out of North Carolina
Via Another_n00b

Neuroscientist Reveals Whether Sherlock Holmes Is a Sociopath or Psychopath

Via Business Insider

Karma of The Day: Drug Company Steps Up to Screw With Greedy CEO Martin Shkreli

Karma of The Day: Drug Company Steps Up to Screw With Greedy CEO Martin Shkreli
Via AP

Lawsuit of the Day: Orbitz, United Sue Kid Who is Gaming Air Travel Ticketing

news lawsuit airline business - 8414546944

Look at This Cat of the Day: Cat Cafe is Coming to San Francisco

cute tea Cats business - 8018571520
Via sfist
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