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photos of terrifying things happening on dashcams

Twenty-Seven Terrifying Photos Caught On Dashcams

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mercedes simplex car reimagined into a modern version of the classic car

The Mercedes Simplex Concept Car Is Retro Gone Wild

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memes of animals doing mechanics stuff as if they are experts in auto repairs

Animals That Know What's Wrong With Your Car (Memes)

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Story of the Day: Spider-Man, a Burning Car and a Severed Finger All Have a Part in this Tale

Spider man pulled a family out of a burning car on the way to reattach a finger.
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Unbreakable of the Day: Florida Man Survives Crash that Split Car in Half

Crash split car in half and man survives with no life threatening injuries.
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Didn't See That Coming of the Day: "Hey, What The Hell Are You- Oh"

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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day

random act of kindness car Reddit - 6769348608
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