Russia destroys a lot of cheese because of western sanctions.
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One year ago today, Russian officials responded to western sanctions by declaring they would ban foreign imports on many foods, including cheese.

Well Aug. 6, the BBC says they began keeping that promise by destroying a great deal of food.

One steamroller took an hour to crush nine tonnes of cheese. The country has also steamrollered fruit and burnt a huge pile of bacon.

Boxes of bacon have been incinerated. Peaches and tomatoes were also due to be crushed by tractors.

The destruction has caused an outcry from anti-poverty campaigners who say it should have been given to the poor.

Just watch as literally tons of cheese gets bulldozed behind this reporter:

More bulldozers. Bulldoze the cheese!

If you're wondering why so much footage exists of this destroyed cheese, it's because Vladimir Putin demands it, according to The Guardian.

President Vladimir Putin signed the decree ordering the destruction of food which breaches sanctions last week, with the law due to come into force officially on Thursday. The products must be destroyed in front of witnesses, and the act should be captured on video, to preclude corruption.
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Via Circa
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Wisconsin started an initiative to dump cheese brine (a waste product of the state's best known commodity) all over the frozen roads in the hopes that it would be effective in thawing the ice.

According to our friends at Circa, nearly 30% of the conventionally used dry salt is reportedly knocked off the roads by cars or simply bounces off when it's first dropped. The cheese brine helps the salt remain on the roads when applied. "You want to use provolone or mozzarella. Those have the best salt content. You have to do practically nothing to it," says Jeffrey Tews of the Milwaukee Public Works Department.

Wisconsin has always been known for its tasty dairy products, but now it can brag that even its streets are practically paved with cheese!