10 Cute Animals in Clothes from Zoo Portraits

These animals are all dressed up and ready to let out their wild sides.

Source: Zooportraits

portraits of animals taken at the zoo in clothes and they came out looking real handsom
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Via The Age
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This week in shirts and sexism

Karl Stefanovic, from Channel 9's "Today" show in Australia, revealed for the first time this past weekend, that he has been wearing the exact same blue Burberry suit every day for a year (with a couple exceptions).

The experiment, he said, was to highlight the sexism that his female co-anchors face on a daily basis.

While no one noticed or commented on his clothes, his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, has said that she receives regular criticism and style advice from their viewers. A lecture she gave last year inspired Stefanovic to conduct the experiment.

"Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear," he said.

The video above shows every suit he wore in 2014.

And you might also be wondering: Did he wash it? A few times, apparently.

"It does get a little bit stinky," he said.

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We can land a spacecraft on a comet, but a man's shirt has become the big news story here on Earth.

Physicist Matt Taylor was criticized this week for wearing a shirt with semi-naked women and guns on it during a livestreamed post-landing interview about the Rosetta Mission, deemed sexist and innaporpriate by many people, particularly women in science. And critics on Twitter voiced their complaints with #ShirtStorm and #ShirtGate.

But in a Google Hangout Friday with updates on the mission, a teary-eyed Taylor in a very neutral blue hoodie, apologized for the shirt.

"I made a big mistake, and I offended many people," he said. "And I'm very sorry about this."

Meanwhile on said comet, the Philae lander sent back its first image from the comet Thursday, and it has begun drilling in order to reposition itself into the sunlight. But this maneuver could also make Philae do a cartwheel and possibly put an abrupt end to the mission.