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summer products for pets

Get Ready For Summer: 6 Summer Accessories That Will Keep Your Pet Cool

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hilarious AI hats created on generated people

Hilarious Accidental Hats on AI Generated People (25 Photos)

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Smell of the Day: Fried Chicken Because KFC is Making Scented Candles

kfc new zealand is offering fried chicken scented candles to contest winners
Via KFC New Zealand

Fun Tech Accessory of the Day: AER Lets You Throw Your GoPro and Take Awesome Aerial Videos

trending new tech accessory gopro arrow aer cool video kickstarter
cool cool accessories news virtual reality product technology Tech trending drones parrot - 82191617

Cool Tech of the Day: Parrot's New Gliding Disco Drone is the Hawk You Always Wanted

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Cool Spy Food Technology of the Day: Toasteroid, the First APP Controlled Smart Image Toaster

trending news cool food gadget toast kickstarter
Via Kickstarter

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