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Cop overhears a man threaten his date, so he proceeds to intervene | So, possibly one coolest things ever seen mean know hear women want him, men want be him" stuff old movies? Well man and by god wanted be this guy. Anyway!

Cop Overhears Man Threaten His Date, Proceeds To Intervene

Dude had it coming.
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cops finds genius way to punish an 18 year old

Policeman Finds Genius Way To Punish 18-Year-Old Who Legally Drove 115 MPH

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detective job gone sketchy

Guy's Private Detective Job Takes A Turn Down Sketchy Avenue

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twitter thread about racist cops

Traumatized Woman Tweets Boyfriend's Disturbing Conflict With Racist Cops

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pig in police uniform

A Tiny Pig in a Police Uniform Posed With Some Real Officers and the Internet Went Hog Wild

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cops on people covering their seatbelts

Cop Hilariously Mocks People Over The Ways They Cover Up NOT Wearing A Seat Belt

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Collection of funny memes about cats, fidget spinners, pizza, elton john, butts, work, cops and drugs.

15 of Today's Funniest Memes

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Step Dad of the Day: Cop Pulls Kid Over and Teaches Him To Tie a Tie

police officer pulls college kid over and teaches him to tie a tie
Via ABC News
guns cops kangaroo NSFW Sad - 83773697

Worst Dude of the Day: This Australian Cop Who Shot an Injured Kangaroo in Front of a Child

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After This Guy Found out His Sister Had Been Killed in a Car Crash, He Got Help from One Truly Awesome Cop

Via Mark Ross

Subway Employee Does What We've All Fantasized About Doing to a Cop, but Weren't Dumb Enough to Actually Do

trending news subway employee drugs cop
Via Uproxx
cops FAIL drunk uber fight assault - 75513089

Rough Night of The Day: Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger After Assault

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Crime of The Day: Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible

Response of The Day: New Jersey Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible
Via The Smoking Gun
cops FAIL jail pepper spray truck - 73918465

Getaway of the Day: Man Destroys Two Cop Cars With Giant Truck, Drives Away Like It's NBD

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CNN Wanted to Start a Roundtable Discussion About Cops and Public Relations. Let's See How Poorly That Went.

cops twitter bad idea hashtags failbook - 8404283904
Via Daily Dot

Sting Operation of the Day: NJ Cops Use Donald Duck Decoy to Ticket Drivers

cops donald duck - 8374591744
Via 7Online
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