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Insane Rambling of the Day: Lindsay Lohan Leashes an Instagram Manifesto on a World Not Quite Ready for Such Madness

Lindsay Lohan spins an insane rant off on Instagram.
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crazy parkour russia russian train daredevil - 73927169

Daredevil of the Day: Crazy Ukrainian Teen Rides Atop Metro Train

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Bizarre Headline of the Day: Jelly Belly CEO Spouse Runs Over a Man with a WWII Tank

A man died after being run over by a Jelly Belly CEO's husband driving a tank
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Nutjob of the Day: Insane Woman Asks Rick Santorum Longest, Most Incoherent Question Ever

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crazy scary rage cars road rage Video - 67440129

Road Rage of the Day: Insane Woman Harasses Girls on Highway

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crazy footage IRL trains Video - 65036033

Crazy Moment of the Day: A Train Hits an 18-Wheeler Stuck on the Tracks

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BAMF crazy dangerous train Video - 62674177

If You've Ever Wondered if That Hollywood-Style "Jumping On a Moving Train" Stunt Was Possible: Yes

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crazy wtf drunk videos McDonald's - 59407617

Crazy Moment of the Day: A Drunk Man Smashes Through McDonald's Glass Door and Pepper Sprays Staff

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crazy twitter stupid - 220421

Anti-Vax Jenny McCarthy Asks Twitter a Question, and Gets the Answers She Should Have Seen Coming

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crazy court funny justin bieber - 59136257

Watch Justin Bieber Act Like a Disrespectful Jerk During His Deposition

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Crazy Headline of the Day: Woman Arrested After Not Returning J.Lo Movie

crazy arrested funny - 8068542464
crazy kangaroo Video - 58283265

WTF of the Day: Somebody's Been Sneaking the Kanga-Roids!

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crazy Italy mother nature - 58031105

Mother Nature of the Day: Giant Boulder in Italy Takes Out One Building, Another Misses by Inches

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crazy katy perry beyoncé facebook funny Video failbook - 57980417

Celebrity of the Day: Vin Diesel Posts a Video on Facebook of Him Dancing to Beyoncé and Katy Perry

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amazing crazy Gravity stunt - 57044225

Defying Death of the Day: Daredevil in a Wingsuit Glides Inches From the Ground

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Meanwhile in Canada: Man Emerges from Y2K Bunker After 14 Years

crazy Canada true story interview funny - 7958115840
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