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Dan Savage had some, er, choice words for Family Research Council President Tony Perkins during a speaking engagement at Winona State University last week:

Tony Perkins tells parents whose kids come out to reject them.

Tony Perkins tells the parents of queer kids to do what Tony Perkins damn well knows drives those kids to suicide — doubles their already quadruple rate of suicide. Why would someone who calls themselves a Christian do that? Because every dead gay kid is a victory for the Family Research Council. ...

Tony Perkins sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work — and he calls himself a Christian. I don't understand how real Christians let that little f--ker get away with that.

Now the video is making the rounds, but Savage doubled down via Twitter: "I'm Dan Savage and I approved -- and stand by -- this message."

(Not Safe For Work -- language.)

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Less than a week after Dan Savage tweeted "The GOP's house fa**ots grab their ankles, right on cue. Pathetic," in reaction to GOProud's endorsement of Mitt Romney, the controversial and outspoken founder of the It Gets Better movement has doubled down, comparing the endorsement to substance abuse:

Mixing it up with GOProud last week got me thinking about why a gay man would endorse -- much less "commit significant resources" to help elect -- a man who has pledged, if elected, to do as much harm as he possibly can to gay people. I mean, what kind of fa**ot supports a politician who would do him harm? Oh, right: the same kind of fa**ot who would harm himself with drugs or alcohol or sex. The kind of gay men who don't like themselves or other gay people much. But while most self-loathing, self-destructive gay men are content to abuse booze, drugs, or d*ck, the self-hating GOProud boys abuse themselves with politics. And just like gay meth addicts who aren't satisfied harming only themselves, the boys at GOProud aren't satisfied harming only themselves. They want to harm other gay people -- they want to harm all gay people -- by getting Mitt Romney elected. And just like your meth-addicted friend who pushed the drug on you, or your drunk friend who mocked you for stopping at four, or your sexually out-of-control friend who insisted that you were a prude if you didn't play... with him down at the bathhouse, the GOProud boys want you to abuse yourself the same way that they're abusing themselves. They want you to vote for Mitt Romney for the same reason your meth-addicted pal wanted you to use that stupid drug. Because they're damaged.

Too far?