Dancing With The Stars

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Two Dudes Rushed Lying Olympian Ryan Lochte on Dancing With the Stars Wearing Anti-Lochte Shirts

The Debate Over Lochte Is in Full Swing

Where Many Had Excellent Points

Like this....

...and this:

And also this:

Some People Didn't Buy His Comeback AT ALL...

Wanting him to get more punishment...

Tying it into Black Lives Matter

...and reminding Lochte to genuinely apologize for LYING, which he still hasn't done yet:

Frankly, after all of this, I'm just left wondering where I can buy one of these t-shirts.... anyone?


Victory of The Day: Bindi Irwin Wins Season 21 of 'Dancing With The Stars'
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Bindi Irwin, daughter of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, has won season 21 of Dancing With The Stars.

The 17-year-old Australian had consistently wowed judges this season with her top-notch performances and tearful tributes to her father.

Bindi beat finalist Nick Carter to take the trophy.

"Honestly, Bindi deserved it," the former Backstreet Boy insisted after the ceremony. "Bindi deserved it! She kicked butt."

And just look at this lift! It's clear that the best contestant won.

WTF of The Day: Bindi Irwin Might Lose 'Dancing With The Stars' Pay if She Can't Prove Her Crocodile Hunter Dad is Dead
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Bindi Irwin, daughter of late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, is still going strong on this season of Dancing With The Stars.

But what should be a time of intense focus on the competition is not that at all because of one boneheaded decision by a judge.

Since Bindi is 17 years old, she needs her parents to sign a contract giving her permission to participate on the show. Her mother has done so, but the judge is now demanding proof that her father is indeed deceased.

Perhaps the judge has been living under a rock for the past decade? It is pretty much common knowledge that Steve Irwin died in 2006 after being stung by a sting ray.

Bindi stands to loose a lot of money if the judge continues down this path.

Her earnings currently stand at $230,000 from the show, but are only expected to increase with each round she survives.

And with stellar performances like below, Bindi is sure to stick around for a while.

Cringe of the Day: Watch Gary Busey, Paula Deen Put Their Own Horrible Spin On The 'Nae Nae'
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There are some people who just shouldn't do the 'Nae Nae.' For example: Your mom, Bugs Bunny and these two.

Gary Busey (71) and Paula Deen (68), two bastions of American pop culture, are both competing on Dancing With The Stars this season. And some producer thought it would be a good idea for them to do the 'Nae Nae.'

Never mind that Gary Busey looks like a literal insane person (that's kinda his thing), but look at Paula. Paula Deen dancing to a popular hip-hop song—this could not end well.

Watch her whip, whip. Get it...like a chef.

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Gary Busey, American actor and contorted facial expression extraordinaire, is joining season 15 of Dancing With The Stars.

He made his grand announcement last night by dressing up as a cowboy and entering on horseback to greet Jimmy Kimmel because...well, he's Gary Busey.

At 72 years old, Busey might seem a bit old to be competing on the show. But he's spritely compared to 82-year-old Cloris Leachman, the oldest person to ever join the cast.

Hi Ho Silver, away!"

Handshake DENIED, Jimmy.

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday, September 14 on ABC.

Paula Deen will be on Dancing with the Stars.
Via Mashable
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The past few years haven't been much of a cakewalk for Paula Deen and it'll probably stay that way as the stigmatized celebrity chef tries to keep up with other C-list high-steppers.

She's going to be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

According to Variety:

The former Food Network star has reportedly been cast in season 21 of "Dancing With the Stars," along with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, Triple Crown-winning jockey Victor Espinoza and the previously announced Bindi Irwin of "Crocodile Hunter" fame.

Deen, who was dropped by the food cabler in 2013 after making headlines for racially charged comments, had been asked to join past seasons of "DWTS," though ABC declined to comment on her current casting.

It was only a few months ago that she took her most recent, brown-faced step into controversy. And we hope that she won't try to worm her way back into our arteries by performing any culturally sensitive dances.

Only twerking and the Electric Slide for her.

We proabbaly won't be watching.