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Dave Grohl Pays Permanent Tribute To a Rock Legend's Death with an Ace of Spades Tattoo

Dave Grohl gets ace of spades tattoo to honor Motorhead's Lemmy's recent death
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Rick Roll of the Day: Foo Fighters Told Westboro Baptist Church Protesters to Kiss Their Astley

Always looking for something to protest, members of the simply awful Westboro Baptist Church lined up outside of a Foo Fighters concerts in Kansas City, MO Aug. 22. They didn't exactly say what their specific problem was, but they generally hate just about everything, so the Foo Fighters worked for an opportunity to test out their hateful signage. Dave Grohl and company decided not to take it sitting down. Well, they stayed seated, but the band members brought out a rather loud sound system and…
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Response of the Day: Dave Grohl Replies in Italian to the 1,000 Musicians Who Played Foo Fighters Together

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Rockers of the Day: 1,000 Musicians Beg Foo Fighters to Play in Italy by Performing 'Learn to Fly'

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Don't Pass Out Drunk, Or You'll Miss Meeting Dave Grohl

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