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twitter debate about roommates

Roommate's Friend Passes Out In Guy's Bed And His Decision Incites Twitter Debate

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what is garfield's gender

Doubts Over Garfield's Gender Ends Up Igniting Extremely Passionate Twitter War

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kids debate GOP Funny or Die children - 73527041

Reenactment of the Day: Insufferably Adorable Children Perform the Biggest Moments From Last Week's GOP Debate

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the tonight show Republicans jimmy fallon donald trump debate barack obama - 73264897

Debate Prep of the Day: Obama Helps Trump Get Ready for the Republican Debate

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This About Sums It Up of the Day

debate Mitt Romney barack obama - 6697112064
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#horsesandbayonets of the Day

Mitt Romney paul ryan horses debate - 6696988928
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Binders Full of Atlases of the Day

Mitt Romney debate - 6697048832
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Round 3 of the Day

debate election 2012 Romney obama - 6696794112
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women debate - 8964

Patton Oswalt Translates of the Day

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bill clinton Mitt Romney debate election 2012 obama Video - 43074561

Clinton Totally Gets Romney of the Day

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debate election 2012 barack obama Mitt Romney Bad Lip Reading Video categoryvideo - 43037697

Debate Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment of the Day

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Obama Was Distracted of the Day

obama debate the daily show titanic categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6652577536
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bill-oreilly jon stewart debate Video - 42936833

Rumble of the Day

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Bill O'Reilly Vs. Jon Stewart of the Day

bill-oreilly debate infographic jon stewart categoryimage - 6640219648
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debate hair politics twitter - 5380

And Now For Something Completely Different of the Day

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Congressional Quarrel of the Day

Congress debate GOP military news politics regular Republicans - 6243241728
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