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Top Ten Memes Of The Day (June 30, 2020)

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cringey pics of things you want to avoid

13 Images To Surprise You With Uncomfortable Levels Of Nope

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scientists have created gel that makes tooth enamel grow back

No More Fillings: Scientists Discover A Way to Grow Back Tooth Enamel

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a funny and cute dentist experience for a hedgehog

Tiny Hedgehog's Anesthetic Dental Exam Is Just Too Adorable!

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dentist teeth election 2016 bridge - 637957

Check Up of the Day: Dentist Gives a Run Down on Presidential Candidates' Teeth

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Tribute of the Day: Disney Animator Drew a Stunning Homage to Cecil the Lion

dentist - 8546232576
Via creatureartteacher
jimmy kimmel dentist lion hunting - 73117185

Feels of the Day: Jimmy Kimmel Chokes Up Talking About that Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion

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Outrage of the Day: People Hate This Lion-Killing Dentist

Lion Hunting Dentist draws everyone's ire.
Via The Guardian

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