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As Steve Jobs would say, "It just works."

The good thing about iPhones is that there is an infinite amount of ways to destroy them. Whether you’re interested in a crushing, a frying, or an old fashioned dunking in the toilet, there's a iPhone death for you. Unlike the actual phone, the destruction of an iPhone is entirely customizable.

However, few iPhone deaths are as cool as the one The Backyard Scientists pulled off in this video. Taking a page from Terminator 2: Judgement Day’s saddest scene, they dipped their iPhone in Lava to similar results. 

via Gifbay

This isn’t as sad as that moment, but it’s still really cool. Once it’s submerged, the iPhone comes completely apart. But the real money is when they pour the contents into a cast-iron pan, which looks straight-up like T-1000. You’ve got to check this out. 

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russian space lets you pay to break things debosh
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In the immortal words of Limp Bizkit: “Give me something to break.”

Because you know, somedays you just don’t wake up, and that’s why Moscow resident Alexei Barinskiy started a business that let’s you break stuff.

via Gif Soup

For a fee, Barinskiy will allow you to enter Debosh (“Debauch” in English), a service that allows customers to enter a space where they can break whatever they want for as low as $140.

Fans of the cult Adult Swim series Delocated surely remember this from that episode where Jon develops a business, “Rage Cage,” which is “way more relaxing than yoga.” Barinskiy does not cite this as an influence, which is a shame.

Developed when Barinskiy had the common problem of hating his co-worker and having a lot of junk to give away, he rented out an industrial space and turned it into a garage sale for charity. But what to do with the leftover stuff?

Barinskiy decided to let people just destroy it. For $140, Barinskiy will fill up a room with junk and let people destroy it. You can even customize the design of the room.

“The cost depends on how elaborately the room is designed,” writes The Washington Post. “A popular choice is a replica of the office where the customers work.”

The Washington Post even reports that Barinskiy even built a room specifically so the reporter could take out some frustration over the presidential election.

It was a replica of a polling place, complete with a ballot box and red-white-and-blue posters marked with slogans used by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With Moscow so interested in the election result that the Obama administration accused the Kremlin of meddling in the vote, Russians were bombarded with often-skewed coverage of the campaign by the state-run ­media.

“We enjoyed the American election,” Barinskiy said as he and an employee, Alan Tigiev, lifted their sledgehammers menacingly. “Maybe too much.”

We all did.

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Ahhhhhhh... so this is a real chop shop. Better not let this get in the wrong hands because the Decepticons would have a huge advantage.