Lab Rats Learn To Drive Tiny Cars

Perhaps Mouse Hunt had it right all along, and rodents are smarter than us. Scientists at the University of Richmond have trained rats to drive tiny cars towards food, suggesting that rats are a lot smarter than we've been giving them credit for. Consider that next time you try to outsmart the rat that sneaks into your kitchen. 

scientists have trained rats to drive tiny cars for food
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Take a look at this ruthless criminal.

A boy in Victoria, Australia named Sam Box came home Monday to find a koala attempting to drive away with his family's Land Rover.

He took a bunch of photos of the suspect before he fled the scene.

"I opened the door and he just got out and walked away," said the boy.

Koala sightings are fairly common in the area around their sheep farm, according to his father, but they're not usually trying to steal their car.

The only way to properly honor this thieving marsupial is to caption him in all his glory! We'll post the good ones.

Even if he could even reach the pedals with his stubby little legs, his driving would probably look something like this.