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Pecs of The Day: Japan Has a Butcher Shop Where The Butchers are Total Beefcakes

Pecs of The Day: Japan Has a Butcher Shop Where The Butchers are Beefcakes
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Pigpen of the Day: This Dude Hasn't Taken a Shower in 12 Years,

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Restaurant of the Day: A Male Version of Hooters Called Tallywackers is Opening in Texas

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Photo of the Day: Internet Thinks Australian News Anchor’s Neckline Looks Like a Penis

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Play-Doh Made Some Folks Very Unhappy This Christmas

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Probably Fake of the Day: One Man Gets a Little too Excited at Exactly the Wrong Time

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Someone is Going to Get Fired for TWC News Austin's Dong-tastic Accidental Tweet

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Dude Parts of the Day: Kelly Ripa Pretends to Talk About the Size of the New iPhone. She is Not Talking About the iPhone.

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Running Sucks, Except When Your Route is Also a Peen

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So, How in the World Did This Painter Get His Dude-Bits Stuck in a Pipe for Two Whole Days?

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This is What Happens When a Woman Turns the Tables in Online Dating Objectification

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A Cigar is Just a Cigar of the Day: Rock Out With Your... Guitar Out?

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News FAIL of the Day: Wait a Minute... That's Not a Construction Site!

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