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List of the Day: Ice Bucket Challenge, Ebola Top Facebook’s 2014 ‘Year in Review’ in U.S.

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Charity of the Day: Celebrities Sing for Ebola Victims in ‘Band Aid 30’

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Opening Monologue of the Day: 2014 CMA Awards Mock Post-Country Taylor Swift, Ebola Nurse, Dems Losing Senate

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Ebola Overreaction of the Day: Teacher Resigns After Trip to Kenya

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Ebola Update of the Day

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poop mind blown ebola Video - 65561601

Sage Advice of the Day: Don't Eat Poop if You Don't Want to Get Ebola

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Fox News May Be the Butt of Jokes When it Comes to Reporting, But Shepard Smith Shows Excellence and Responsibility in His Ebola Coverage

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The "Ebola Tracker" App Looks Ominous, but It's Here to Warn You About the Real Danger: Hysteria

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ebola idiots Video - 65135105

This is What Happens When You Sneeze on a Plane and Say "Sorry, I Came From Africa"

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