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elf on the shelf

Collection of rhyming Elf on the Shelf memes.

These Rhyming Elf On The Shelf Memes Have Taken Over The Internet

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funny Christmas memes | fluffy black cat wrapped up in fairy lights with a star hanging over its head. you became very thing swore destroy. jesus taking a mirror selfie Steppin out tonight, B-day flow.

17 Lit Christmas Memes That'll Really Sleigh You

Happy Holidays
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christmas youtube elf on the shelf - 83907841

Dissection of the Day: See the Pure, Concentrated Evil Inside Elf on the Shelf

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list elf on the shelf creepy - 690949

Elf on the Shelf Returns! It's That Time of Year Again for Parents to Creep Everyone Out While Preparing Their Children to Live in a Festive Police State

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