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Ellen Degeneres catches audience member stealing

Ellen Calls Out Audience Member For Stealing

Should've played by the rules.
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Ellen DeGeneres photoshopped into riding Usain Bolt's back

People Are Calling Ellen DeGeneres a Racist for Her Tweet About Usain Bolt

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Happy Tearjerker of the Day: Katy Perry Surprises Orlando Shooting Survivor on Ellen

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The Ellen Show Is Being Sued for a Breast Related Pun

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A Comedian With Terminal Cancer Wants to Record a Comedy Special, Ellen Just Got Him a Deal With HBO

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Reunion of the Day: Adam Levine Meets 3-Year-Old Who Loves Him

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Lifestyle of the Day: Stephen Colbert Announces His New Brand So You Can Live Like Him

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The Best Cover of 'Let It Go' is This Duet Featuring Ellen Degeneres and Kristen Wiig

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General Colin Powell Fires Shots at Ellen and Shows What a REAL Old-School Selfie is About

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Tweet of the Day: Terry Shipman Wanted to See if His Dogs Could Get as Many Retweets as Ellen's Celebs. He's Already at 60,000 and Counting.

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Via Terry Shipman

Photo of the Day: Poor Liza Minnelli Tried to Make it Into Ellen's Record Breaking Selfie

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Photo Op of the Day: Ellen be all Like Gaht DAMN!

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Celebrity Vote PSA of the Day

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Heartwarming Political Ads of the Day

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