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Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. It is an extremely popular form of communicating within the online environment. 

I Bet This Is Your Face Right Now

Relatable meme about reacting to something funny online with a laughing emoji while keeping a deadpan serious expression in real life with an image of Dennis Reynolds from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
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Two hours, never moved, never blinked
bad dog haircut

This Dog's Unfortunate Haircut Had Her Owner in Tears

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old people using social media

15 Awkward Moments Between Old People And Social Media

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Emoji movie gets an onslaught of brutal reviews.

Emoji Movie's Gotten Such Brutal Reviews, They're Absolutely Hilarious to Read

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parents using smiling emoji the wrong way

15 Times Parents Used Smiling Emoji And Totally Messed it up

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emoji gifs

5 Dancing Emojis to Celebrate World Emoji Day

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pinching hand emoji

This New Emoji Will Probably Be Every Woman's Favorite Respone To Annoying Boyfriends And Creeps

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twitter account bot sheriff made of emojis

Emoji Sheriff Is The Meme Of The Moment

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apple emoji evolution

On The 10th Anniversary Of Apple's Release of Emojis, Emojipedia Shows How They Have Developed Over Time

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emoji movies - 84309505

Breaking Point of the Day: So It’s Come to This, The Emoji Movie

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Job of the Day: London Company Wants Emoji Translator for Immediate Hire

london company today translations is looking for an emoji translator
Via Emojinal Art

Upgrade of the Day: Google Can Now Interpret Emojis

google can interpret emoji on twitter to find food
Via @Google

Emoji Of The Day: Izod Made Ken Bone an Emoji Because We Live in the Void Now

izod made ken bone a twitter emoji for the election
Via @kenbone18

Treat of the Day: Facebook Gives the Good Candy and Releases Halloween-themed Reaction Emojis

facebook releases halloween emoji reactions
Via Cheezbuger

In The Mood For A Swedish Poo Emoji Sweater?

Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios has launched a new emoji-inspired collection, including a sweater with poo on it.
Via The Local

Who's Hungry for a Brown Swirly? No, REALLY! Poop Emoji a Hit for Churro Fans

food poop emoji churro disgusting fail trendy dessert
Via FoodBeast
LA churro pop up The Naughty Churro likes it brown and swirly. Made with a fondant, edible black marker, and named The Number Two, you too can eat sh*t a poop emoji churro if you're in the LA-area. The delicious concoction can be found at the Night Market from August 5-7. Definitely serving this one at my next family reunion. Transfixed on the swirly Poop Emoji churro called The Number Two (@thenaughtychurro) on Jul 30, 2016 at 8:39pm PDT
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