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Funny dank history memes.

47 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

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man in england buys vase for £1, Discovers It's Worth £80,000

Man Buys Vase For £1, Discovers It's Worth £80,000

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Cross-eyed burglar gets roasted on facebook for his funny mugshot

Cross-Eyed Burglar Gets Positively Destroyed In Comments Section Of His Wanted Notice

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Sport of the Day: Try and Understand Quidditch in this British League Based on Harry Potter Game

uk quidditch league set to premiere harry potter sport
Via Rebloggy

Freebie of the Day: One-Way Flight to Iceland for Brits of Your Choosing

trending news free flight british citizens iceland wow air
Via Business Insider

Red-Headed Primates Get Free Zoo Access for World Orangutan Day

redhead primates zoo access free day orangutan england
Via Metro

Traffic of the Day: Adorable Ducks Get Adorable Duck Lanes in England

British Ducks get Duck lanes.
Via Mashable

Fail of the Day: Police Break Open Car Window to Save One Very Realistic Doll

Fail of the Day: Police Break Open Car Window to Save One Very Realistic Doll
Via Daily Mail UK

Optical Illusion of the Day: Shadow of a Hanged Man Appears on a British Street Corner Where People Were Once Hanged

A shadow creates an optical illusion of a hange
Via Daily Mail

Protest of the Day: Manchester Prisoner Climbs to the Roof of Maximum Security Prison, Destroys Sh*t

Manchester prisoner climbs to roof for protest, destruction time.
Via The Guardian

Monarch of the Day: Queen Elizabeth II's Reign Has Lasted Longer than Any Other Ruler in England's History

Queen Elizabeth is England's longest reigning monarch.

Evil Villain of the Day: UK Millionaire Used Children's Gravestones to Decorate a Mansion

An English millionaire decorated his mansion with children's gravestones.
Via Daily Mail
england scotland trolltube - 64466689

Pranksters Set Up a Fake Checkpoint on the Border of Scotland and England

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wtf england - 60130305

WTF of the Day: Weird Black Ring Appears in the Sky Over England

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england g rated win - 58071297

Shut Up and Take My Money of the Day: Here's the Street Legal 'Little Tikes' Cozy Coupe That's Driving Around England Right Now

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