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Top Ten Memes Of The Day (August 16, 2020)

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Funny dank meme from 'Top Gear,' entitled "Sometimes My Genius... It's Almost Frightening" Jeremy Clarkson driving | Next time step on Lego will simply get taller bloody genius Sometimes my genius is s almost frightening name cat pspsps so always comes call Sometimes my genius is s almost frightening

Fifteen Dank 'Top Gear' Memes For The Geniuses Among Us

Can you believe this show is from all the way back in 2002?
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story of an unlucky mouse at a museum

Museum Tells Story of The Unluckiest Mouse Ever

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teacher roast with memes

Lucky Students Get The Option To Roast Their English Teacher With Memes

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Cross-eyed burglar gets roasted on facebook for his funny mugshot

Cross-Eyed Burglar Gets Positively Destroyed In Comments Section Of His Wanted Notice

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english language Video g rated School of FAIL - 59750657

The English Language is Completely Absurd

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russia list english Reddit - 212229

Redditor's Russian Wife Can't Describe a Tape Measure, Accidentally Creates a Dictionary of New Terms for Things

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Ad super bowl english facepalm - 174853

Backlash of the Day: People With No Understanding of the English Language Hated Coke for Not Using English in Their Super Bowl Ad.

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GIF is The Oxford Dictionaries' 2012 Word of the Year

gifs english dictionary language - 6761084672
Via lulinternet

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