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Tumblr story of game warden who let poachers reel him in in scuba gear to catch them | Terry Grosz fish and game warden caught illegal fishers by waiting Eel river wetsuit and reeled himself fisherman cast out their lines. After writing citations and confiscating their fishing rods, he went back into river and swam away.

Tumblr Thread: Game Warden Who Let Poachers Reel Him Up In Scuba Gear

What a method.
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epic skydiving news record Video win - 81787905

Watch the Iron Man 3 Stuntman Luke Aikins Successfully Skydive From 25,000 Feet Into a Net Wearing Nothing but Clothes on His Back

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Bison Named 'Sparky' Walks Away From Lightning Strike With Epic Scar

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Pic of the Day: Check Out the View From the Top of the Golden Gate Bridge

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Gif of the Day: Epic Motorboat Rope Swing

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epic kids michael jackson talent high school Video - 61098753

Talent of the Day: Small Town High School Kid Dances to Michael Jackson at a Rally and Kills It

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epic selfie GoPro Video earth - 60885249

Selfie of the Day: The Most Epic Selfie Ever

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Oscar-Worthy Performance of the Day: VFX Takes Van Damme's Splits Into Sppppppaaaaaaace

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epic videos bohemian rhapsody - 58196993

School Closing of the Day: Principal Delivers Epic Bohemian Rhapsody School Closing Message

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epic funny hospital pranks win - 56811521

Prank Artist of the Day: Convince Repeat DUI Offender He's Been Unconscious for 10 Years

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