saved by the max recreates the max from saved by the bell for nostalgia and french fries
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If your dream is to sit A.C. Slater-style at a booth at the Max, you’re in luck because this pop-up diner inspired by the after-school classic, Saved By The Bell, is coming to town.

Saved By The Max brings the fictional diner from Saved By The Bell to life and offers you a chance to eat just like those hilarious Bayside teens. Based in Chicago, Saved By The Max is a pop-up diner that will soon be heading out on the road. In this video, Mr. Belding himself announces the touring pop-up diner is coming, following “one final semester in Chicago. You don’t even have to be addicted to caffeine pills to enjoy it.

via Saved By The Max

The whole thing looks almost too real compared to the TV show, even if it seems unlikely that the fictional Max would have menu items named after their best customers, such as “A.C. Sliders,” “The Tori Fried Chicken,” and the terribly unimaginative “Mr. Belding’s Fries.” Still, pretty sweet that Tori got a menu item, despite the fact that her stint on the show makes no sense.

The Huffington Post visited their Chicago location a few months ago. Be forewarned, if you’re allergic to dayglo, avert your eyes.


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This Hilarious Kid Going Around London Reviewing Chicken Shops Is Just What 2016 Needed

Behold, Le Chicken Shop Connoisseur. This kid was destined for great things, and now he's definitely accomplishing them. What a gig.

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Great Big Story uncovered why you only get green-dyed horseradish at your local sushi place.

Apparently, real Wasabi takes 1.5 years to grow, is very difficult to keep happy as a plant, and costs $80 a POUND when cultivated. So dying horseradish green is easier and cheaper for most places to pass on to their customers.

Real Wasabi is pretty neat stuff...

...and can help you win at trivia:

...So at $80 a pound, I think I can forgive my local restaurant for their horseradish "problem," don't you think?

trending food news what 2000 calories looks like american food
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The good folks over at the New York Times wanted to show how "the nation's largest restaurant chains have made a big deal in recent years about introducing smaller portion sizes," but they have continued to make their dishes so rich they contain "a full day's worth of calories."

So they made a story showing what rought 2,000 calories looks like from some large restaurant chains, noting that "depending on age and gender, most adults should eat between 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day."

Are you guilty of eating a full day's calories in one sitting? What do you think of how little some of these dishes are for packing in so many calories? Let us know in the comments what you're thinking.

I, for one, forgot how delicious milk shakes are and may have to add that to my next meal out. Wrong lesson here?

trending new state fair deep fried food available walmart year round texas
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You had me at "cookie fries."

If you've been to the Texas State Fair, you've probably eaten some of Isaac Rousso's famous award-winning treats like his funnel cake fries, deep-fried hash browns stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese, smoky bacon margarita, deep fried Cuban rolls, fried Pop Tarts, and, yes, cookie fries.

Rousso has just won the right to open a restaurant in Plano Wal-Mart next week where he can serve these deep-fried artery-cloggers to Texas' poorest shoppers 365-days a year.

According to Eater Dallas, "The chain is also in talks about a "nation-wide" expansion, which would bring State Fair Treats to Walmart stores across the country depending on how things go in Texas."

Well, as for the cookie fries, they are described as deep-fried cookies that come in flavors like chocolate chip or sprinkles, and are shaped like a French fry and served with strawberry or milk chocolate sauce.

Okay, i'm game for that "nationwide [pants] expansion."

Wal-Mart road trip time.

trending food news chicken nugget ranking new candy corn brunch flavors snacks
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It's that time of year again, you're back at school, back at work, and ready to gorge yourself to stay warm as the temperatures turn colder. So we've got some candies we dare you to try, and some fail-safe chicken nuggets to wash them all down with!

Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn is Here

So Brachs has decided to give us our first 'dare candy' of the season in their new Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn.

The bag contains a mix of three flavors, each more nauseating in a candy corn than the one before, and emitting an odor "very reminiscent of a Yankee Maple Pancake candle":

- French Toast & Maple Syrup
- Waffles & Strawberry
- Chocolate Chip & Pancakes

The good folks over at Thrillist just taste-tested them to give you an idea of what to expect:

We recommend you give 'em a try yourself and let us know what you think. Pick 'em up here.

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

Oh nuggets, in your little nuggety goodness and bite-sized chompiness, how I love thee!! So when I saw this ranking of the best fast food nuggets, I knew I had to memorize it.

Between Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's, who would win?

In one corner is McDonald's, the original creator of the McNugget, a name whose meaning flows deeply into the American psyche and pop culture with toys and phrases based around the juicy meat treat:

In another corner is the winner of 'freshest tasting burger' in my household, Wendy's, and traditionally known for its chicken, Burger King... who would reign supreme?

So the Burger King rankings were surprising, as they have the best chicken sandwich of the bunch (IMO), with a consistent meatiness that the others couldn't always deliver.

Okay, so it's wasn't Burger King... that's weird.

Could it be the Wal-Mart of restaurants, McDonald's? Or my homeboy of freshness, Wendy's?

With an overall winning score of 90.5 (out of 120 possible points), I leave it up to you to guess in the comments section below (before checking) as to who won the Nugget off: Wendy's or McDonald's????

Find out the actual winner here, and run your own taste test and let us know which YOU prefer, in the comments section.

We know why he has 'no comment' now...

trending news chipotle burrito drone delivery
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Apparently, Google's parent company Alphabet has a hankering for some guac, because they've just invested in burrito drone delivery specifically for Chipotle.

The research team is currently working on the safety and logisitics of flying a burrito and keeping it hot.

Well, we've almost fixed everything...

trending news ikea food rankings
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Whether you're there for the molded cardboard tables, fighting with your spouse, or the inevitable diarrhea, you will probably stop at the dining room of Ikea at least once during any visit.

So be smart about it and follow these official power food rankings to make sure you eat the BEST of the-cheapest-food-you'll-eat-this-week!

But if you're shopping for your college duds, you might be better off eating on campus first?

trending food kickstarter soy shapes art
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Ever eaten your sushi and been saddened that you WEREN'T seeing 3D shapes in your soy sauce? Well rejoice!

Duncan Shotton has created "Soy Shapes" on Kickstarter and used creativity where it hasn't been used before... in your soy sauce containers! Just check out this fun way to dip your salmon rolls:

You can back him here.

trending food cinnamon pie crust cooking recipe
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Cinnamon Roll Pie Crusts are the new Paleo Diet. Or... wait, is that not how that works?

Anyways, this new food trend is rocking blood sugar levels everywhere, from Pinterest, to the Food Network, to Aunt Roberta's Canasta club:

It's easy to make, all you need to do is buy grocery store cinnamon rolls, slice them thinly, then place them carefully to create your crust. For more specific prep details, go here and watch this video:

And to try an AH-MAZING-looking Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie, go here.

Bon Appetite!

trending news cool food gadget toast kickstarter
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Toasteroid has a Kickstarter for their toaster that allows you to create pictures or send messages on your toast, from both remotely or nearby!

The possibilities of sending secret messages to your travelling latchkey Father are super exciting, as depicted by the girl from their Kickstarter video:

It works like this:

...and allows you to nag from near or far:

To be fair, it looks really cool:

So at $98,000+ already raised, toasts all around!

trending news video twitter black olives matter marketing
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For about $20 at Albuquerque Italian restaurant, Paisano's, you can buy yourself some bad judgment.

The owner, Rick Camuglia, insists he wasn't trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement, but just trying to push his "tuna dish with black olive tapenade."

Understandably, Twitter erupted trying to explain where he went wrong:


The shirt and hat are still available for sale here if you don't get it either.

8000 calorie olympic meal badminton food fail australia badminton
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Australian Badminton player Sawan Serasinghe drowned his Rio loss sorrows like only an Olympian can: with an 8,000-calorie gorgefest at Mickey D's.

His fans don't seem too upset about it yet...

...but just wait until that 8,000 calories hits his thighs

Trending Panda Express Chork News
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Panda Express announced today that it is considering using a new utensil called a "Chork" in it's restaurant locations, despite having a name that sounds like what happens when you eat too much Panda Express:

"Don't step there... I just chorked out my beef with broccoli."

It's a half-chopstick, half-fork contraption that could either fling plastic bits into your mouth, or make shovelling General Tso's into your gullet waaay easier...

Either way, the internet agrees the name is just stupid...

trending food swedish fish oreos zoats pizza atm coffee water
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So we here at The Daily What are hungry for something adventurous and awesome to try. So here's a roundup of some awesome new, weird, and just bad ideas in food that are trending today.

Two Words: PIZZA ATM

Xavier University in Cincinnati just got the world's first Pizza ATM and it broke the internet.

For nine dollars you can get a medium pizza 24-hours a day, fresh from the vending machine.

Applications to Xavier's Financial Aid office are available here.

Soylent Breakfast Coffee Food/Drink

Soylent has created a new breakfast drink called Coffiest that supposedly gives you a full breakfast AND coffee in one drink.

So far people are loving it...

...but if it tastes like regular Soylent, we might just be avoiding this one. If anyone tries this stuff, please leave a comment below and let me know how it works out for you.

The Trendiest Ramen Toppings

And then there's the ramen debate of 2016, accidentally instigated by Kylie Jenner.

By asking a simple question on Insta...

...she started Pasta-Gate. Everyone and their Mom weighed in on ramen toppings until that sh*t got old and they turned on her...

Personally, I like that big ol' salt packet they call "flavoring" on my ramen... and sadness. Because eating ramen is just sadness.

New Girl Scout Cookies!

Today is National S'mores Day and the Girl Scouts just released new Girl Scout's S'mores Cookies!

Everything those little lady-elves makes is so damn tasty, this one's definitely going on the list!


For veggie eaters who are actually really trying to become diabetic, the Zoats trend of mixing zucchini into your oatmeal and coating it in delicious toppings to negate the health-factor has lit a fire on Instagram.

With toppings like "Snickers Zoats," and "Eggwhite Vanilla," I can really get behind this food trend.

Bon Appetite!

food poop emoji churro disgusting fail trendy dessert
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LA churro pop up The Naughty Churro likes it brown and swirly.

Made with a fondant, edible black marker, and named The Number Two, you too can eat sh*t a poop emoji churro if you're in the LA-area.

The delicious concoction can be found at the Night Market from August 5-7. Definitely serving this one at my next family reunion.