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Football fans grab your helmets and pads and start dribbling towards the goal. Whether you're all about the touchdown or bending it like Beckham, you won't leave disappointed. Sit back and check out some of the funniest football memes and jokes while you wait for the next match.

collection of various sports related gifs | Sports - wizards MORAS 13 de) bopped in the head with a basketball

Funny Sports Gifs That Are Very Entertaining

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A collection of amazing sports memes from all over to satisfy the most avid fan. The cover photo is of the instance where your dad gets super loud while watching a sports game where he usually isnt

Sports Memes To Keep You Going All Day Long

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The best memes from SuperBowl LIV. The cover photo is a meme talking about drinking to the risque nature of the Half-Time Show

SuperBowl Memes For the Ages

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Jimmy Kimmel gets NFL football players to read mean tweets about themselves.

17 NFL Players Read Super Bowl-Level Savage Mean Tweets About Themselves

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optical illusions and warped perspective

15 Eye-Duping Pics of Wacky Perspective

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sports team logo change

The Chargers Retrace Their Steps after Getting Grilled for New Logo on Twitter, Change Colors, Only End up Getting Roasted with Newfound Passion

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Jerry Rice Goat Tattoo

NFL Hall Of Famer Jerry Rice Gets Roasted For His New Goat Tattoo

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marouane fellaini

Marouane Fellaini Gets Hit In The Face, Becomes Epic Photoshop Meme

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Beef of the Day: Gisele and Tom Brady v. Donald Trump: Instagram of Justice

gisele tom brady challenge trump endorsement
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nfl squirrel football animal - 1115653

Animal of the Day: Football Fans Went Nuts for a Squirrel on the Field

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Pre-Season Trivia of the Day: The Origins of All 32 NFL Team Names

trending sports news nfl football team name origins
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guns news sports drugs nfl instagram trending football weed snoop dogg Video politics - 82081025

Reasonable Argument of the Day: Snoop Talks NFL Guns vs. Weed Debate, Wins.

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Will the Cincinnati Harambes Beat the Patriots in the 2017 Superbowl?

Trending Cincinnati Bengals Harambe Petition

Griezmann's Cinderella Moment

Griezmann's Cinderella Moment
Via 20minutes

Minnesota Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh Visits First-Graders Who Sent Him Encouraging Letters

Via Deadspin

So Where Was Johnny Manziel Last Night Anyways?

Via Uproxx
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