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The durian fruit, known in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits," has a spiky exterior, soft fleshy insides, and it's flavor is described as "...a strange combination of savory, sweet, and creamy all at once... with subtle hints of chives mixed with powdered sugar. It's supposed to taste like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream."

So the new condom with durian flavor is DEFINITELY a gamble, but maybe one that's worth it? At the very least, it's a lot of fun to watch the embarrassed Malaysians from 1:20 in the video above.

So it's a chance to take:

"Some people don't like the smell of durians, so during sex they might get turned off."

But if you're game, let us know in the comments if they worked well for you (or not).

ben carson presidential campaign fruit Ben Carson Truly Knows the Measure of a Man (or Woman)
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When asked how he would vet a Supreme Court justice nominee, presidential hopeful Ben Carson said he would judge them by "the fruit salad of their life". 


With hard-hitting statements like that it's hard to understand why some people were not impressed by the debate. 

via @ryanstruyk@mtaibbi

Others just couldn't stop looking at John Kasich's hands, obviously he was just helping with that fruit salad. 

via @michellemalkin@morningmoneyben

via @WilliamAmos

Oh well, at least we all learned a new phrase. May the fruit salad of your life be bountiful and free of those green melon pieces that nobody likes.  

math brain teaser People Are Finding It Hard to Agree on a Solution to This Fruit Based Brain Teaser
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This is one of those "brain teasers" that often pop up on Facebook with an annoying and statistically ambiguous title like "Only 5% of the population know the answer to this puzzle!" According to The Daily Mail, this one has been floating around since December. 

For once the people in the comments actually have something worth arguing about. You may not have noticed at first but the illustrations in the last equation are different than all the other ones. Let's walk through it.

First, apples definitely equal 10, that much is clear. From the next equation you can guess that each banana bunch equals four. Now we can assume that the coconuts equal two.

So the last equation should add up to 16. 2+10+4 =16 right?

BUT there's only ONE coconut half this time and only three bananas. So is that 1+10+3=14?

This has people arguing about whether the concept of the fruit is a constant number or if that number can change as the picture of the fruit changes. To make matters worse, Dr Kevin Bowman, a Mathmatics course leader at University of Central Lancashire spoke to the Daily Mail to try to "clear" things up.  According to him, they can represent whatever you want since the only unambiguous fruit is the apple. Also, everything you thought about coconuts is wrong. He concluded his interview with this:

You might even say that the two coconut pieces in the third equation are different sizes, and therefore add up to three quarters or even seven eighths when put together.

In that sense, there are an infinite amount of possible answers.

So no one can know the real answer until, somehow, the commenters on Facebook reach some sort of philosophical consensus on how we treat visual representations of fruit.

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There's more than one way to skin a watermelon.

And YouTuber Mark Rober certainly understands this. After all, he did teach the Internet last year how to make a watermelon smoothie with a coat hanger and a drill.

He's back now with a new watermelon trick. While this one may not be as useful as the smoothie, it can still make you the coolest person at that final summer BBQ.

It's pretty simple, too.

1. Just skin a watermelon.

2. Rub it down with a (new) scrubby sponge.

3. Hollow out ANOTHER watermelon.

4. And slide that first watermelon into the skin of the second.

There you go! You are the proud owner of a very strange looking watermelon creation.

Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken made a tree that gives 40 different kind of fruit.
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Talk about a tree that keeps on giving.

National Geographic released this video of Syracuse University professor Sam Van Aken greatest creation: a tree graphted with 39 other branches that grows a total of 40 different fruit varieties.

The mad scientist Art Professor grows different types of cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots that bloom through out the year.

Look at this strikingly beautiful abomination of nature: tells how the whole offense to God happened:

[Van Aken] explains that grafting works by slicing branches with buds from one tree and inserting it into a matching slit in a branch on the Tree of 40 Fruit. He wraps the wound with tape, and as it heals the bud grows into a new branch.

"It's a metaphor for a lot of things," Van Aken told The Post-Standard in 2011, when he planted a tree on the SU quad. He added that he specifically chose 40 because it appears often in the Bible: "It's a number that represents bounty."

Van Aken describes the project as a living work of art, though he has admitted it could have implications for genetic engineering and preserving different fruit varieties against food monocultures. He adds more branches from other varieties each year, and a completed Tree of 40 Fruit takes nearly a decade, but the wait is worth it.

He said it began when he stumbled upon an abandoned orchard growing wild and not when he had meglomaniacal delusions of grandeur.

gifs oddly interesting MRI fruit - 8135161600
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The main gif is of a Banana Flower. Here is another:

Here are some Lychee:

Here is a Passion Fruit:

And here is a Jackfruit:

Insideinsides created these mesmerizing gifs.


Fete du Citron is the Celebration of Oranges You Didn't Even Know You Needed

Every year in Menton, France people gather far and wide to create, display, and celebrate these cool citrus displays. Why? Because oranges are awesome and good for you. Duh.

Hat tip to The Awesomer.

fruit design oranges sculpture - 203525
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