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funny and wholesome giraffe tweets thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - thomas @perfectsweeties is there an event more traumatic than the birth of a baby giraffe. being airdropped 6 feet into this cold harsh world. standing on wobbly legs and coming to terms with the fact ur main purpose in life is to eat tall leaf 6:42 PM · Aug 20, 2020 · Twitter for Android 8K Retweets 157 Quote Tweets 98.7K Likes'

Taller Than Life Funny And Wholesome Giraffe Tweets

Some giraffe goodness to help you keep your head held high
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Yes, Can I help you?

gif of giraffe peeking into a house chopping carrots
Via eBaum's World
Giraffe sticks his neck out
wild animals unlikely pets being cute and adorable | sleepy 7 weeks old baby polar bear cub snuggling cuddling with a polar bear plush toy caption reads shhh

Wild Animals That Are Just As Adorable As House Pets (GIFs)

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giraffe photoshop battle

A Giraffe Sucking on a Post Makes for Some Really Great Photoshop Material

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Crazy encounters with safari animals

Crazy Safari Encounters of A Furry Kind

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

animals cancer photos giraffes Sad zoo - 8116012800
Via wensenrijders

How To Instantly Africanize Your Landscape Photo

africa photography giraffes landscape - 6788369920
Via Reddit

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