Person Tries To Scam Someone Via Facebook, But Doesn't Expect This Outcome

Hackers and scams are sadly becoming more common. But luckily we can now spot some of them by the careless mistakes they make along the way. Then comes the part of scamming them. Just like this guy got to do... when he got a message on Facebook from his dead Aunt...


trolling a scammer on facebook
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hackers attack sony music twitter tweets lie that britney spears is dead
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Twitter, don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Yesterday, hackers found their way onto Sony Music Global’s Twitter account and left a harsh post for a world that just isn’t in the mood for this type of thing. I mean, come on, enough with it already.

Of course, of all the fake news this year, this hacked account was among the poorest. Without even a though to capitalization – let alone syntax — the hackers’ tweet wasn’t really fooling anyone and just being kind of big jerks about everything. Give us a break with "dead by accident." 

via Reality TV Gifs

Sony pulled the tweet and released a follow-up, assuring us that Britney is fine and blaming the hacking group OurMine.

via The Daily Dot/@SonyMusicGlobal

According to the The Daily Dot, “OurMine is the hacking group that took control of several Twitter accounts just last week, including those from the NFL, Netflix, and Marvel. The group also hacked and released the stupidly simple password of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s account back in June.”

Maybe you didn’t hear us: Leave. Britney. Alone. 

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While everyone was yelling at Apple about their wireless headphones, hackers were busy figuring out how to hack the ones in your ears.

Wired magazine is reporting about a group of researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University who were able to turn a pair of earbuds into a couple of microphones that could be used to spy on you. They are calling the project “Speake(a)r.” Now that’s some clever marketing.

This wasn’t designed to do anything malicious, but rather to alert us to how hackers could find a way “to hijack a computer to record audio even when the device’s microphones have been entirely removed or disabled.”

via Waywaw

While it’s long been known that you can turn a pair of headphones into a mic, the researches were able to display a real vulnerability. This piece of malware can record audio even when the headphones remain connected into an input-only jack and don’t even have a microphone channel on their plug.” What’s more, it works on Windows, MacOS, and most laptops. So if this piece of malware ends up on your computer, consider your line bugged.

Cool. I guess that that piece of tape over your laptop camera isn’t enough. Time to snip those earbuds as well.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in a secret underground bunker surrounded by cans of Heinz baked beans and three feet of concrete.

Hacktivism of The Day: Anonymous Releases Full List of Alleged KKK Members to The World
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Anonymous is back at it again.

On Guy Fawkes Day, a favorite day for this type of thing, the hacktivist collective Anonymous released the promised full list of alleged Ku Klux Klan members' personal information.

The group released a similar, but much smaller list, earlier this week that named prominent members of congress and mayors as KKK members.

But those claims have largely been debunked.

"We consider this data dump as a form of resistance against the violence and intimidation tactics leveraged against the public by various members of Ku Klux Klan groups throughout history," Anonymous said.

The data dump has also given the public a glimpse at the strange slang KKK members use between each other.

Via Contextis
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Security researcher Michael Jordon has managed to hack a Canon Pixma printer so that it can run the original DOOM

"Canon Pixma wireless printers have a web interface that shows information about the printer, for example the ink levels, which allows for test pages to be printed and for the firmware to be checked for updates."

However, he found that the interface doesn't need any sort of authentication to access. Off the bat the worst anyone could do would be print off hundreds of test pages and use up all of the printer's ink. Jordon found you could do much more, though. The interface lets you trigger the printer to update its firmware. It also lets you change where the printer looks for the firmware update.

In theory, you could create a custom firmware that spies on everything that printer prints, it can even be used as a gateway into the network it's tied into.

To show off what he'd learned Jordon opted to show DOOM running on the printer.

Canon has stated they will provide a fix as soon as possible.