Nightmare of the Day: This Mom Dressed Up Like Her Dog and Now None of Us Are Sleeping Tonight

Sure, parents are annoying — what with the “pick up your room,” “what are you doing with your life,” and “no, you cannot turn the garage into something called the ‘Chill Zone.’”

But sometimes, they’re just really scary — like when they threaten to throw away your velvet painting of Hendrix wailing on his axe because you won’t just “move out already.”

Meet Zoë Baumann, for instance. According to her Twitter, her mother dressed up like her dog. While this might be just a way to get her to “clean the pot after making mac and cheese at 4am,” or, simply, this is a Halloween costume, Zoë, nevertheless, brought her personal punishment to Twitter, who had a field day with this.

Check out some of the best responses to Zoë's mom dressed as her dog. 

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This Office Won Halloween By Dressing Up as 30+ Game of Thrones Characters

Go Ahead Tours' customer relation team nailed Halloween this year with this amazing photoshoot.

"We vote on a theme, then cast who will play which character.

"Most of us spend those two months gathering pieces of our costumes and putting it together. This year, a group of us spent the whole week before Halloween cutting and spray-painting pieces of cardboard to create our Iron Throne."
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carson daly dresses as TRL carson daly for halloween
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In what's surely to start the biggest Halloween trend since the Nurse Joker outbreak of 2008, Carson Daly has dressed as TRL-era Carson Daly for Halloween.

via @jowrotethis

While co-hosting The Today Show, Carson's current job, Daly took it upon himself to confuse his viewers, causing them to not only question what channel they were watching, but also what year it was. Armed with jet-black, spiky hair, several unfortunate piercings, and the excitement that goes with introducing the new 'Nsync video, Daly recreated the stage the that made him a star. Let's just hope those sideburns are here to say. 

In the end, thank you, Carson Daly, for choosing a family-friendly 90s Halloween costume and not this terrifying image from the 90s. 


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Everyone knows at Burger King, they serve burgers “your way,” but this Halloween, they’re serving them roasted, leaving the competition burnt to a crisp.

A Burger King in Queens, NY got really into the Halloween spirit this year, throwing a white tarp over the building and dressing it up as the ghost of McDonald’s. Rest assured, the location cleared things up on their marquee, which read, “BOOOOO! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.” They even scrawled "McDonald's" on their food containters. Needless to say, it was a real fright to an already brave customer-base looking to get their Whopperito on.



For a company that sells cheeto-dusted chicken fingers and has this creep as their mascot, Burger King really has the weird fast-food marketing department on lock.


Actually, creepy mascots are kind of both of their M.O. I direct your attention to Exhibit A, a gif of a couple of Grimace Grandmas rubbing Ronald McDonald's head. Yikes.

via YouTube

The only question left: how will a combination Taco Bell/KFC respond? 

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It's that time of year again, you're back at school, back at work, and ready to gorge yourself to stay warm as the temperatures turn colder. So we've got some candies we dare you to try, and some fail-safe chicken nuggets to wash them all down with!

Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn is Here

So Brachs has decided to give us our first 'dare candy' of the season in their new Brunch-Flavored Candy Corn.

The bag contains a mix of three flavors, each more nauseating in a candy corn than the one before, and emitting an odor "very reminiscent of a Yankee Maple Pancake candle":

- French Toast & Maple Syrup
- Waffles & Strawberry
- Chocolate Chip & Pancakes

The good folks over at Thrillist just taste-tested them to give you an idea of what to expect:

We recommend you give 'em a try yourself and let us know what you think. Pick 'em up here.

A Definitive Ranking of the Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

Oh nuggets, in your little nuggety goodness and bite-sized chompiness, how I love thee!! So when I saw this ranking of the best fast food nuggets, I knew I had to memorize it.

Between Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's, who would win?

In one corner is McDonald's, the original creator of the McNugget, a name whose meaning flows deeply into the American psyche and pop culture with toys and phrases based around the juicy meat treat:

In another corner is the winner of 'freshest tasting burger' in my household, Wendy's, and traditionally known for its chicken, Burger King... who would reign supreme?

So the Burger King rankings were surprising, as they have the best chicken sandwich of the bunch (IMO), with a consistent meatiness that the others couldn't always deliver.

Okay, so it's wasn't Burger King... that's weird.

Could it be the Wal-Mart of restaurants, McDonald's? Or my homeboy of freshness, Wendy's?

With an overall winning score of 90.5 (out of 120 possible points), I leave it up to you to guess in the comments section below (before checking) as to who won the Nugget off: Wendy's or McDonald's????

Find out the actual winner here, and run your own taste test and let us know which YOU prefer, in the comments section.

We know why he has 'no comment' now...

Let Down of The Day: Bette Midler Confirms 'Hocus Pocus' 2 Will Never Happen
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Bette Midler just ruined every Hocus Pocus fan's day.

After years of speculation that Midler and her co-stars would reunite for a sequel to the 1993 classic Halloween film Hocus Pocus, the songstress finally put those rumors to rest.

The answer is no—an unequivocal no.

Midler made the declaration during a Facebook Q&A this week, crushing the dreams of so many fans.

Maybe these fans should just calm down.

Nightmare Fuel of The Day: The 'Today Show' Dressed up as Peanuts and Scared America
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Good grief, it's terrifying Halloween costumes!

The Today Show thought it would be a good idea to ruin Peanuts characters forever by dressing up hosts as life-size, super realistic versions of the comic strip.

Here is the nightmare fuel people were unjustly subjected to.

The American people were clearly traumatized.

Shame on you, Today Show.

Spoopy of The Day: This Giant Inflatable Pumpkin is Wrecking Havoc on Arizona
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Citizens of Peoria, Arizona: Run, hide, take cover!

A 25-foot-tall, 350-pound orange jack-o'-lantern came unleashed today from the depths of Hell and barreled through traffic before meeting a quick death in a local park.

The giant monstrosity is owned by Big AZ Promotions. A representative from the company said strong winds must have caused straps holding the pumpkin down to break.

Right, Big AZ Promotions. If you say so.

You won't convince anyone that this enormous pumpkin wasn't filled with the spirit of 10,000 demonic creatures.