MythBusters prove that Walter White's finale contraption would have totally worked
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Spoilers for the Breaking Bad finale if you haven't watched it in the two years since it aired. (What are you doing with your life?)

The man who knocks would have hit the nail on the head.

Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan joined Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as they recreated the final, bloody scene of the show.

You know the one — when Walt McGyvers an M60 machine gun in the trunk of his car to fire on an oscillating, remote-controlled mount. Then it kills everyone.

Savage and Hyneman reconstructed the set up for the most recent episode of MythBusters and it completely, incredibly, totally works.

Check it out:

The bullets actually tear through the car, through the side of the makeshift house and into all of the bad guys holding Jessie Pinkman hostage.

It's a big victory for Gilligan as well, due to the fact that Mythbusters had previously debunked two different scenarios from other Breaking Bad episodes.

It turns out you can't dissolve a tub through a bathroom floor with acid or knock out a room with a chunk of mercury fulminate.

But this. This works.

It is so, so awesome.


Heisenberg of the Day: There's a Breaking Bad Themed Coffee Shop in Turkey

Deniz Kosan probably believes in the importance of two things.

Coffee and Breaking Bad.

The Turkish fan set up a Kickstarter, got funded and has documented the whole affair over a very well produced Instagram account.

It's called Walter's Coffee and we want to go there immediately.

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breaking bad heisenberg walter white halloween costume - 6719622400
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Redditor theoutlet posted this pic Sunday night:

He has a masters in chemical engineering, used to teach high school chemistry and three years ago he was diagnosed with terminal cancer which is now in remission. Last night I was able to convince him to go to a Halloween party. Reddit meet my father.

Let's give these two the benefit of the doubt because on this crappy morning, we need to believe in something.

Bonus: Here's a pic of the father-son duo as Walter and Jesse.

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This is how Bryan Cranston turns into Walter White/Heisenberg, courtesy a short-lived talk show from 2011 billed as "The Tonight Show of Albuquerque, New Mexico."

Season 5 of Breaking Bad premieres Sunday.