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Dumb Luck of The Day: Man Saved From Ohio Plane Crashed Because he Left to go Buy Hot Pockets
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It's not every day that your life is saved by delicious, steamy pockets of junk food.

But that is exactly what happened to one Ohio man who's craving for a Hot Pocket sent him out of his apartment and away from an airplane crash that killed nine people.

Jason Bartley's apartment building burst into flames Tuesday when a twin-engine charter plane crashed into it. He would have normally been home at the time, but he had left to the store to buy some Hot Pockets.

"Really, I guess it was dumb luck," Bartley told NBC News.

Others nearby were lucky as well.

A teen who lived in the same apartment complex as the crash inadvertently captured the sound of the crash while she was filming a Snapchat video.

She lived in one of two apartment buildings at the complex that were not affected.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Bartley who only has his car and the clothes he was wearing at the time.

No one was in the 4-unit building at the time of the crash.

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Last week the USDA recalled over 8 million pounds of "diseased and unsound" meat sold in six states. The leading offender in potential-zombie-inducing meat product? Hot Pockets. The idea of unsound meat inside the lil' grease pouches is all the more disconcerting given that it is physically impossible to cook a Hot Pocket through all the way in a conventional non-nuclear microwave. So, for clarification: Diseased, unsound, and partially frozen meat.