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This year's droughts have ravaged crops across North American and Russia and have had a huge impact on the food supply.

But now it's really time to panic:

"A world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable," the National Pig Association in the U.K. said this week, adding that the number of slaughtered pigs could drop by 10 percent in the second half of 2013 and the price of pork products may well double.

Does that mean it's time to raise your own Wilbur? Not quite, but some bacon lovers aren't taking any chances.

"Perhaps it's finally time for our country to address the need for a Strategic Bacon Reserve," said Heather Lauer, author of the Bacon Unwrapped blog and the book Bacon: A Love Story. "In the meantime, I'm going into survival mode and have already started stockpiling."