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Lots of us played Tony Hawk: Pro Skater and expected to leave the house doing kickflip to tailslide to bluntslide to that Chad Muska beats-slide where he pulls out a boombox. But very few of us could.

Still there are skateboarders who can trump the impossible things we’ve seen in video games. One of them is Dan Mancina, a skateboarder who is legally blind.

Mancina, who’s vision started to fade at 13, only has a slight amount of peripheral vision and a cane, but he’s still able to pull off some things most could only dream of — namely skating with a smooth controlled style. That’s the real money.

But according to Spolid, that’s not all that Mancina can do. In the video compilation “Dan Mancina Does Stuff Blind,” he chops wood, throws a bullseye, and fires a machine gun. Let this be an inspiration to all of us.

via Jenkem

Check out a full interview with Mancia over at Jenkem.

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Owen Wilson plays really similar characters in almost every movie he's in, even when he's playing Woody Allen.

It should come has no surprise then that he says basically says the same things in every film as well. It's all some combination of about 15 different words.

It must be nice for Wilson that he doesn't have to memorize very many lines.

The best thing is this isn't the first Own Wilson mash up. The creator behind this video has done several more. It's tough to decide which is best.

They sure are all incredible.