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Top Ten Dank Memes Of The Day (August 19, 2020)

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Wholesome twitter thread about Toronto immigrant Nav Bhatia, Toronto Raptors superfan.

Wholesome Story Of Toronto Immigrant Nav Bhatia Is A Reminder Of How Sports Are The Great Equalizer

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twenty five stunning photos of the himalayas

Twenty Five Breathtaking Photos of The Himalayas

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robot helps surgeon perform first long distance heart surgery

Robot Helps Doctor Perform First Long Distance Heart Surgery

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bioluminescent water amazes people at chennai beach

Bioluminescent Waves in Chennai Delight The Internet

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Smarty Pants of the Day: "Unschooled" Mumbai Teen Gets MIT Scholarship, Wins Bigger Battle Over Local Stereotypes

trending news homeschooled indian teenager MIT scholarship malvika joshi
Via The Indian Express

Lionhearted Acid Attack Survivor Steps up as the Face of Fashion Campaign in India

Via Mashable

Screw Censorship: Two Porn-Coms Set for Release in India in January

Via Mashable

Pot Head of the Day: A Thirsty Leopard Got A Little Stuck, Needed Help

An Indian Leopard got his head stuck in a pot.
Via The Guardian

Beef of the Day: Indian Mob Lynched a Man Over Rumors of Eating Cow Meat

A man in India was lynched by a mob for eating beef
Via India Express

Headache of the Day: Indian Boy Gets an Arrow Shot Through His Head, Makes Full Recovery

An Indian boy got an arrow shot through his poor head.
Via Daily Mail
india nicki minaj - 73184769

Rapper of the Day: This Indian Rapper Uses Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda" as Her Protest Soundtrack

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Gif of the Day: AAP Spokesperson Ezaz Khan Slapped by Teena Sharma on India News Program

news gifs india - 8075682560
water india Video - 56043265

Meanwhile in India of the Day: The Only Train that Offers Free Drinks

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Nice Structure of the Day

green architecture india tree bridge - 6740725760
Created by Unknown
india this is all kinds of wron This Is All Kinds Of Wrong Video - 39758849

This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day

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