No man is an island. But if he's alone on one and laughs at a joke, does he make a sound? Find out yourself with these balmy island puns.


No Meme Is an Island

Don't leave yourself without protection! Memes are the new garlic and ginger. If you're stuck down in the dumps, make sure to refresh your meme stash to turn that frown upside down. So make sure you come and check out the latest and greatest memes to grace the internet with their presence. 

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As South Carolina floods, fire ants combine to form an island
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It's like Fire Island, but completely made of ants!

The rain that Hurricane Joaquin brought to South Carolina has left that state with some hard times both already passed and ahead. Besides people losing their pets and full caskets losing their rightful place in the ground, fire ants are also trying to stay afloat. Literally.

A local channel caught a video showing thousands upon thousands of fire ants scrambling for survival.

Video recorded by WSAV photojournalist Chris Murray shows what appears to be a floating island of fire ants on top of the water in Dorchester County, South Carolina.

...According to, fire ant rafts can be put together in about 100 seconds. They studied the phenomenon. The fire ants use claws, jaws and adhesive pads on their legs to stick together. They release an oily fluid that lets them stick to a smooth surface and the ant's hard covering is water-repelling.

We'll take our nope to go, thank you.