Local chicago news station uses a holocaust image for Yom Kippur.
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Well that's not the best way to wish Jewish people a respectful and reverent holiest of holy days...

Yom Kippur began Sept. 22 at sundown and while many people struggled to begin their fast local Chicago news station WGN had a pretty hard time of it as well.

In their broadcast drawing attention to the day they used the image above. While they probably thought it was a harmless Star of David, in actuality it was the Yellow Badge, which Nazis made mandatory for Jewish people to wear during the Holocaust.

WGN posted an apology to their Facebook page shortly after the incident.

And they wrote another one on their website:

We are extremely embarrassed and we deeply apologize to our viewers and to the Jewish community for this mistake.

Ignorance is not an excuse.

Please know we are reviewing our in house policies and changes have already been made to make sure a hurtful oversight like this never happens again.


People are bad at Yom Kippur.
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It's Yom Kippur 2015, y'all!

What has historically been a Jewish day of spiritual atonement, fasting and prayer, seems to be giving the Internet a bit of trouble.

Fasting begins tonight at sundown and only ends tomorrow after 25 hours have passed. It's real serious, bros.

Many seem to think the Pope is crashing the solemn, reflective party by coming to America:

Many others are just having a rough time of it.

But really, we just wanted an excuse to post this great new video from Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer about their struggle:

You do you.

jewish Say What Now Sweden twitter - 6324003072
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It was only a matter of time before Sweden's democratic experiment of a Twitter account, @Sweden, imploded into a PR nightmare -- a different citizen takes over the handle every week, with very little oversight (or apparently, vetting) from the Swedish government.

This week's empowered Swede is Sonja, a single mom who took advantage of her kids' nap time today to ask @Sweden's followers:

"Whats the fuzz with jews. You can't even see if a person is a jew, unless you see their penises, and even if you do, you can't be sure!?"

Naturally, her ignorance of history, social graces, and the fact that she currently represents an entire country has garnered all kinds of criticism -- and unfortunately, prompted further follow-up tweets from the clueless 27-year-old, culminating with this gem: "The question seems to be sensitive and complicated. And a little bit…..… infected. So…. yes. See you later, I have stuff to do!"

VisitSweden, the company in charge of the account, says Sonja's tweets won't be deleted. According to the social media manager: "We are laying a puzzle showing a multifaceted and genuine image of Sweden. One piece at a time — curator by curator, tweet by tweet. We focus on the big picture and not on any single tweet."