kfc new zealand is offering fried chicken scented candles to contest winners
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It’s time to step your game up, Yankee Candle, because Colonel Sanders is calling you out.

KFC has just released a super-limited scented candle, and the only way to get one is to win it. The contest, which is being run by KFC New Zealand, asks contestants to submit ideas for different KFC merchandise.

via The Peoples Person

The candle was suggested by Shiz Inari, a New Zealander, who is now one of the lucky few to get the candle.

Unfortunately, we still can’t make our houses smell like the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spiced because the contest is still going on. Contest winners receive the candle by entering the contest. Simply submit a suggestion and your entered.

According to Mashable, this isn’t the first time someone has made KFC-scented candles. “In 2015, giftware company Kentucky for Kentucky released a Double Down sandwich scented candle. It seems the world can't get enough of that finger-lickin' fried chicken scent.”

Finally, a candle that makes you constantly hungry. Arteries are going to hate this.

trending news kfc secret recipe discovered
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Jay Jones of the Chicago Tribune lucked into finding what could be the secret recipe of "11 Herbs and Spices" that make up Kentucky Fried Chicken. What do you think, could this be the real deal:

Apparently white pepper was super rare back in Kentucky in the 50's, so that was a HUGE secret back then.

Who knew anything white was kept a secret in Appalachia?

If you try it, let us know how it compares to the real thing.

dating valentines day If You Really Want to Impress Someone, Give Them Doritos Roses and a Candlelit KFC Dinner
Via Mashable
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Can you think of a more perfect gift for Valentine's Day than a bouquet of roses? Doritos did. 

Not everyone can just go out and buy a bouquet of roses made out of flavored corn chips so they also included a way to make one yourself. It seems like it involves a lot of glue... 

via Doritos

Then, when you've charmed them with your perfect gift, it is customary to bring your Valentine to a fancy dinner.  If you really want to outdo yourself this year, one KFC is doing a trial run of fancy table service for Valentines Day. According to Metro News, the Fishergate branch of KFC is the site where two lovebirds met and continue to have date night every week so far in their 50 year marriage. Pretty romantic. The date will include linen napkins and a soft drink sommelier to suggest the perfect soda pairing. 

via Metro News

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Fast food restaurants have really figured out how to get on the news cycle lately — namely through doing weird stuff that makes no sense.

Not six months ago, Darrell Hammond resurrected the corporate mascot of Colonel Sanders to sling fried chicken at a hungry America. And now, for a reason that is very unclear, fellow Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald is stepping into the three-piece suit to replace him.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman explained it

For the first ads, we rebooted things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken the most favorite chicken brand in the world. We brought back the Colonel's iconic office, his white stretch limo, and the children's mandolin band he outfitted with instruments and white Colonel Suits to create authentic Kentucky bluegrass music. And the new set of ads are more of that same homage to the things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken such an important part of American families.

This is pretty dumb. But we can't bring ourselves close enough to care about any part of it.

Just like McDonald's idiotic revamp of the Hamburglar.

Remember that? It doesn't matter.

KFC wants you to print your pictures on its new bucket of chicken.
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Talk about pic in the bucket! (Sorry.)

For some reason, maybe to get attention like this, KFC Canada has unveiled a bucket of chicken that prints out your cell phone pictures via bluetooth.

You know, that thing you've demanded for decades.

According to the Daily Meal:

The idea is that KFC customers order a bucket of fried chicken, take a photo on their smartphone, and print out a Polaroid photo from the bucket.

It seems that the printer and phone connect via Bluetooth. All you have to do is press the "Snap" button and the Polaroid-like photo prints out.

KFC Canada also released this snazzy video with a group of hip youngsters using the thing.

No one knows why KFC would want to do a thing like the Memory Bucket as it's called. Though KFC Canada is approaching its 60th birthday, so maybe that.

It's just another miracle of modern fast food science, like Pizza Hut's projector box or Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed pizza.

Come to think of it, Pizza Hut has led the last revolutionary decade of useless technological food goods. We have a new contender!

shut up and take my money kfc oh god why food g rated win - 8357398528
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Yes, that is a Double Down (you know, the sandwich with chicken instead of bread) with a beef patty and bacon in the middle. Your heart valves just closed reading that sentence.