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Things that you wouldn't expect to be dangerous but are | tomato_soup_ 6.0k points 12 hours ago Palm trees. They are so much heavier than they look and their branches can kinda just fall off without warning Echospite 1.8k points 9 hours ago Aussie here. Beware eucalypt on hot day middle drought. Eucalypts shed branches stressed. Usually 's small clusters, but sometimes jump six feet hear massive CRASH outside and see huge motherfucker on lawn amount times almost had one land on our car

Things that are Surprisingly Dangerous

Oh, great.
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things in life to not cheap out on

16 Products And Services You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

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how to buy your first house

18 Homeowners Share The Crucial Things They Wish They Would've Known Before Moving Into Their First House

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early bird special life lessons Cats Video - 43304449

Early Bird Special

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