MegaMillion Fever: 22 Of Greatest Lottery Tweets

In honor of the MegaMillions Lottery reaching 1.6 BILLION - here's our all-time favorite lottery tweets and memes! For those of you playing, may the odds ever be in your favor! 

jokes and memes about the mega millions lottery
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pennsylvania lottery winner donates ticket to salvation army charity
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Not all heroes wear capes, but this one might. Frankly, we don’t know becuase their identity is a mystery.

Someone dropped a winning lottery ticket worth $1,000 into a Salvation Army bucket at a Walmart in Erie, Pa on December 6. And we never even got a chance to thank them.

via The Nest

“We’ve received donations of winning instant tickets in the past, but they’re usually in an amount of $10 or $20 – never something of this size,” Major Leslie Walter, officer of the Salvation Army in Erie, told Fox. “We are very grateful for this generous donation, which will help us to serve people and families in need.”

But how can we contact them if we need their help in the future. Like Batman, they’ve disappeared into the night, waiting to fight again.

And should they fight again, please feel free to send winning lottery tickets to The Daily What, mysterious stranger.

via Lady Geekgirl

man wins lottery by accident
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Next time you buy a lottery ticket, maybe let the machine pick your numbers.

According to TIME, Dante Castillo from NJ swears by his lucky numbers, but it was when a clerk accidentally allowed the machine to generate his ticket that he hit it big. So ask yourself, are your lucky numbers worth $1-million, because his weren't.


It seems like everyone won in this scenerio. Well, almost. Castillo won the Cash4Life lottery, but he and his wife chose the lump sum of a cool million. The convenient store will get $10,000 bonus from the lottery officials for selling the ticket. And the machine who generated the ticket, nothing. Again, we're just digging our own grave when it comes time for the Great War between man and machine.

So what does this prove? Does luck exist? Why do we hold on to superstitions when it's clear the universe is left up to chance and coincidence? Oh, whatever. This guy lucked out.

via Paul Trillo

Via News13
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Power changes people man, but what about $1.5 billion? After another dry weekend the potential Powerball winnings (if anyone actually wins this thing) surpassed the billion dollar milestone. Like, holy sh*t right?

All cross the world, wide-eyed folks young and old daydream, drool, and converse at length on what they'd spend that bag of gold on. Some with outlandishly ill-thought out plans like this dude, that inspired one of the better memes we've seen in a hot minute:

Then we have David Swain. The humble Floridian mechanic bloated with big dreams, who is convinced he has the 'golden ticket.' He's come out as saying he'd want to keep his winnings secret, and can you blame the guy?

Many of us can remember that rapid evolving sequence of chaotic events in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' when he happens upon his golden ticket. People pretty much go buckwild, running around like a bunch of cracked out headless chickens, and Charlie's probably caught in some twisted limbo where he's not sure whether life's awesome, or he's about to get killed.

Well Swain inspired Flagler County attorney Michael Chiumento to draw up a solid list of recommendations for any Floridian who might become a multimillionaire after those numbers are drawn.

"If your goal is to remain anonymous, you're going to need to form a trust, partnership or corporation, in which your name is not on there," Chiumento said.

"A Powerball winner should first sign the back of the ticket, then make a few copies and put it in a safe spot," Chiumento said.

A big thanks to Chiumento, and a good luck to everyone else out there for the epic drawing on Wednesday.

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This latest bailout brings the total sum of funds Marie Holmes has dished out for her drug-trafficking boyfriend Lamarr McDow, to a whopping $21 million.

She's a multi-million dollar enabler who got lucky with the lottery, won a grand lump-sump payment of $181 million, and has since spent her winnings in the seemingly most irrational and symptomatically insane way possible. See McDow below.

Holmes has bailed her depraved and ungrateful boyfriend out from behind bars three times since March 2015. Someone close to this lady needs to talk some sense into her, and quick.

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We would react like that as well.

12 co-workers at the Ontario-based vehicle evaluation business Black Books found out they were multi-millionaires in the most boring setting possible. They all chipped into a lottery pool, led by Dennis Cartier, and ended up winning $60 million, the largest jackpot in the lottery's history.

Cartier found out they had won, but didn't tell them right away. He waited to hold an impromptu meeting, going over some facts and figures before surprising the group with a 'report' that actually let them know they would receive $5 million each (before taxes).

CBC talked to some of the winners:

"Dennis deserves an Academy Award for this one," said co-worker Brad Rome. "He kept that incredible secret for days, then as calm as calm could be, he surprised us with the news."

Cartier said he didn't find out about the big win until he checked the numbers on Saturday afternoon while on his way to pick up lunch.

He checked his ticket at a gas station and couldn't believe his eyes. He then raced home, signed the ticket and put it on the refrigerator.

"I wanted to stay calm, eat my burrito and check the numbers again online. Every single number matched up, so I went back to where I bought the ticket and that's when it all became very real."

Cartier, who was not supposed to work Monday, arrived at the office in sandals and a T-shirt instead of his usual suit. He called a work meeting and broke the news.
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Imagine if you never had pay for bacon ever again… or at least for the next 20 years.

Well now that’s a possibility, thanks to the Hoosier Lottery in Indiana.

They have unveiled a new $2 scratch off game this week called “Bringin’ Home the Bacon,” which is both bacon-scented and gives you the chance to win 20 years worth of the artery-clogging deliciousness.

You can also win up to $10k in cash to pay for all those medical bills from your cardiologist.

The website promoting the new ticket includes a bacon quiz, bacon recipes, a link to Facebookasking you debate Tongs vs Forks, and a “Bacon Cam” where you can watch some strips sizzle in a frying pan.

There are also various events around the state associated with the game (in partnership with Indiana Pork), including one at the Indiana State Far in August.

Now you can gamble with your money and your health.

Thanks ‘Murica!

lottery fake photoshop powerball This Looks Shopped - 6828316672
Via Facebook
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A photograph of a man holding up what appears to be a winning Powerball ticket has gone viral on Facebook, except it's unmistakably fake (trivia: the first five numbers of Powerball tickets are always printed in numerical order). Uploaded by a Facebook user named Nolan Daniels, the picture is accompanied by a message that is already too good to be true: "Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!" As of Friday evening, the post has accumulated more than 968,000 shares on Facebook and will likely break through 1 million shares in the matter of hours.