travel planes luck One Lucky Woman Was the Only Passenger on Her Flight
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Snowstorms in China have delayed thousands of travelers nearing the Chinese New Year. This woman thought her flight was cancelled. All the other passengers were rerouted and caught different flights but ten hours later, the plane still took off with its single passenger. 

Hopefully with such an empty cabin they upgraded her to first class. 

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As a rugby player, Edward Baker was used to getting pummeled to the ground and knocked around in every which way imaginable.

He broke his nose over and over again and eventually lost his ability to pick up a scent.

But then this happened.

During a recent match, he got kicked in the face, and the accident allowed him to smell again for the first time in 20 years.

"I had an operation last year where they drilled into my nose to make me breathe better through it, but it didn't work." he said. "So where the surgeons failed this bloke's size 12 boot worked."

And just in time too.

Baker recognized the smell of gas near a school a few days later, and reported the leak to authorities, preventing a potential disaster.

Dean Martin said it best: