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Wonderfully Baffling Story of the Day: Man Breaks into Home, Feeds Cat, Makes Dinner, Writes in Diary

Man breaks into ranch, writes in t
Via National Post

Optical Illusion of the Day: Shadow of a Hanged Man Appears on a British Street Corner Where People Were Once Hanged

A shadow creates an optical illusion of a hange
Via Daily Mail
snapchat man - 643333

Hero of the Day: Man Documents Rescuing a Stuck Crow on Snapchat

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Unbreakable of the Day: Florida Man Survives Crash that Split Car in Half

Crash split car in half and man survives with no life threatening injuries.
man Saudi Arabia glass - 74496001

Close Shave of the Day: Saudi Arabia Man Very Narrowly Avoids Death by a Huge Pane of Glass

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Florida of the Day: Woman Arrested for Plotting to Kill the Homeless Man Who Gave Her Grandkids Lice

A woman plotted to kill a homeless man for giving her grandkids lice.
Via Gawker

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