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McDonalds, America's favorite fast food joint. If you are a Ronald fan, you won't leave disappointed.

top ten 10 memes daily | M McDonald's O @McDonalds have joke about our soft serve machine but worried won't work 10:17 AM 8/11/20 Twitter Web App Ooh, self-burn! Those are rare! ice cream machine broken

Top Ten Memes Of The Day (August 12, 2020)

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top ten 10 dank memes daily | Pregnant lady eats an apple doctor who supposed deliver baby day: GTA Grand Theft Auto reaction an apple a day keeps the doctor away funny lol

Top Ten Dank Memes Of The Day (July 26, 2020)

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top ten 10 memes daily | Pink Guy approaching Bane KAREN'S diner CAFE CANDWICHES ALL DAY BREAKFAST ND COFFEE BAR karen asking speak manager karen manager Dleger Corellycooltim

Top Ten Memes Of The Day (June 16, 2020)

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top ten 10 memes daily | prisonner who is same cell as Jake Paul be like: Let out adult swim) LET OOOOUUUUT! Eric Andre screaming to get out

Top Ten Memes Of The Day (June 10, 2020)

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mcdonalds roast

Rude McDonald's Customer Gets Fire Roasted For Gay Fries Comment

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Angry mom puts McDonald's on blast in an angry, fiery Facebook rant.

Mom Calls Out McDonald's In Fiery Facebook Rant After Daughter's Inappropriate Interview

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avoiding a choosing beggar

Contractor Dodges A Delusional Choosing Beggar Bullet

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McDonald's twitter hacked

McDonald's Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Proceeds to Ruthlessly Trash Donald Trump

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Wendy's roasted McDonald's on Twitter over the quality, or lack thereof, of their ice cream machines.

Wendy's Curb Stomped McDonald's On Twitter (Again)

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Guy shares story on Twitter about an absolutely insane McDonald's encounter.

Guy Shares Story On Twitter About Unforgettably Insane McDonald's Drive-Thru Experience

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McDonald’s of the Day: The One in Vatican City, Which Is Now Open

mcdonalds opens new restaraunt in vatican city
Via Huffington Post

Order of the Day: U.S. Marshal Pulls a Gun on McDonald’s Worker for Taking Too Long

us marshal loses it on mcdonald pulls a gun on employee
Via McDonald's Wikia
truth McDonald's Video - 84182529

Truth of the Day: See The Real Story Behind That Infamous McDonald’s Coffee Lawsuit

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An 8,000-Calorie Taste of Olympic Failure

8000 calorie olympic meal badminton food fail australia badminton
Via Facebook

A Swede Walks Into A McDonald's Carrying A Dead Badger and...

Sounds like a joke, but it really happened. When the Swede was asked to leave (with the dead badger), the man got upset and started hitting parked cars outside with the dead animal. Try to explain that to your car insurance company!
Via The Local
FAIL the internets McDonald's social media burgers - 870405

McDonald's Asked People to Invent Their Own Burgers Because Apparently They've Never Been on the Internet Before

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