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loops that will catch your attention and keep it forever. The cover gif is of a group of girl friends taking shots at the bar, and one accidentally takes a shot of salt instead and immediately spits it out on the table

Spin Your Wheels And Get In Gear With These Fantastic Loops

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Gifs and loops that will keep your eyes glued to the screen over and over again. The cover gif is of a person sitting by their computer and solving a Rubik's Cube in seconds

Feast Your Eyes and Be Mesmerized By These Incredible Loops

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Incredible looping images and gifs to satisfy even the most picky of gif lovers. The cover gif is of a trail in the amazon that was completely submerged underwater due to flooding, revealing an incredible world

Loop Your Way Through the Day

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viral videos cars mesmerizing g rated win - 59638017

Viral Video of the Day: You Won't Be Able to Stop Watching This Mesmerizing Car Vent

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