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Got milk? We do. It would be utter-ly inconsiderate of us not to provide you with hilarious and punny memes and jokes all about that great source of Calcium. These silky smooth laughs will have you making sure you grow big and strong with another glass of milk to go with them.

informative video about the pros and cons of milk

Animated Video Gives An Expansive View On A Controversial Subject: Milk

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mom demands another woman's breast milk

Entitled Mom Demands Woman’s Milk, and That She Go Off Medication

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cute kittens drinking milk from a bottle

12 Adorable Kittens Enjoying Their Bottle of Milk

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chicken milk bread DIY - 74286081

DIY of the Day: Watch This Dude Make a Six-Month, $1,500 Sandwich from Scratch

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experiment science milk Video g rated School of FAIL - 60588801

Find Out What Happens When You Put Milk in Coca Cola

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Snack of the Day: Milk and Cookie Shots

milk - 8093582848
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