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Funny dank memes entitled, "The What" featuring a confused Woman staring blankly with a smile Rug Doctor Ad | electricity is invented people will measure science: WATT test really hard. Freind: Yea problems on back were really hard

'The What' Memes Have Been Everywhere On The Internet Lately

Dank memers everywhere have been loving these!
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kat von d comes out as an anti vaxxer

Vegan Model Gets Shredded In Comments Section After Revealing She's An Anti-Vaxxer

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models reveal what they would like to do on a date

9 Gorgeous Models Spill the Beans on Their Dream Dates

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kendall jenner roasted for giant red coat

Kendall Jenner's Massive Jacket Is Inspiring Some Hilarious Roasts

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Photoshop FAIL of the Day: Vogue Brazil & the Non-Paralympic Models

trending news instagram vogue photoshop fail paralympians models
Via @voguebrasil

Kardashian of the Day: Kendall Jenner Got Over a Million Likes Posting a Picture of Herself in the Buff on a Horse... or Not

kardashian model instagram Kardashian of the Day: Kendall Jenner Posted a Picture of Herself in the Buff on a Horse... or Not
Via elisajazz
plastic surgery surgery model Video wtf - 76239361

Elective Surgery of the Day: Model Has Six Ribs Removed to Achieve a 14 Inch Waist

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instagram model social media - 75517953

Announcement of The Day: Instagram Model Quits Social Media in Spectacular Fashion

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Model of the Day: Legless Olympian Takes a Turn Shooting Lingerie Cover

model - 8568433408
Via Cosmopolitan
FAIL jimmy fallon model trump trip fall - 628485

Links of the Day: Model Falls, Saggy Pants Ban and What You Missed This Weekend

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Model of the Day: ‘Diva Kid’ Brendan Jordan Poses for American Apparel

Diva Kid, american apparel, Brendan Jordan, model,
Via American Apparel

LEGO Craftsmanship of the Day: Ghostbusters HQ

lego Ghostbusters nerdgasm model - 7077825024
Via Orion Pax
lego model Japan - 44599553

LEGO Craftsmanship of the Day

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(Somewhat) Human Yoda Model of the Day

model star wars yoda - 6629585408
Via Laughing Squid