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Entitled woman tries to get away with paying dog sitter next to nothing.

High Maintenance Cheapskate Expects Dog Sitter To Work For Pennies

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scammer alert story by person who almost got scammed

Dude Almost Falls For Incredibly Believable Scam

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cheap choosing beggar lawnmower troll

Guy Makes Insultingly Low Offer for Lawnmower So Dude Sends Him to Sears

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story of plumber who got stiffed so he grouted their bathroom with sugar

Couple Stiffs Plumber Dad So He Grouts Their Bathroom With Sugar

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Funny tweets from @internetofshit about technology, capitalism, internet | tweet by internetofshit will be remembered Al takes over Gary Turner Not shitting but actually just rescued robot distress on street after someone had tipped over. This is one those weird dreams, right. internetofshit moment desire death Selfie Bottle Coca-Cola TASTE FEELING bottle with a camera mounted on it

22 Cringey Times Technology Went Too Far

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Funny and relatable tweets about money and about being poor, girls at sephora, makeup, flirting, babies and lots of other fun topics that noone asked them to "GO THERE"

18 Amusing & Relatable Tweets For Anyone Who Needs A Light Chuckle

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Destination of the Day: Finland Because They’re Giving 2,000 Citizens Guaranteed Income

finnish government offering guaranteed income to the unemployed
Via Andy Hodes

Mistake of the Day: Man Accidentally Wins the Lottery

man wins lottery by accident
Via Simpsons World

WTF of the Day: A Pokemon Card Sold for More Than $50K. A Pokemon Card.

rare pikachu pokemon card sells at auction for more than 50000
Via Heritage Auctions

Thanksgiving Meal of the Day: Not This One, Because It Costs $50K

nyc restaurant old homestead offers 50,000 dollar dinner for thanksgiving
Via Old Homestead

Infographic of the Day: How the 12 Richest People in the World Could Divvy Up NYC

infographic richest people split new york city
Via PropertyShark

Steak Dinner of the Day: Woman Hits Million-Dollar Jackpot, Casino Offers Her Dinner Instead of Money

woman wins millions casino offers her steak
Via NJ

Harriet Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

money history president Harriet Tubman Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill
Via justinjm1
coffee money Video - 79156225

Customers Complain of Being Ripped Off When a Large Coffee Fits Into a Regular Coffee Cup

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Your Old Copy of 'Harry Potter' Might Be Worth $50,000

harry potter money Your Old Copy of Harry Potter Might Be Worth $50,000
Via uproxx

50 Cent Is in Trouble in Bankruptcy Court After Posing on Instagram With Fat Stacks of Cash

50 cent bankruptcy 50 Cent Is in Trouble in Bankruptcy Court After Posing on Instagram With Fat Stacks of Cash
Via 50cent