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Funny Twitter story about people waiting in line on Mother's Day at Olive Garden | Kevin Horne @KevinHornePSU am about witness full on riot at Cranberry, Pennsylvania Olive Garden. Suburban Karens with husbands who are CFOs mid-size floor tile companies vs staff, which is 90-120 minutes behind order time. Will report back.

Guy Witnesses Full-On Karen Panic At Olive Garden On Mother's Day

Can Karens calm the eff down for five minutes?
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Collection of funny memes in the OK Bye Mom format, where kid runs to the computer to search something after his mother leaves to run errands. The memes cover all sorts of topics, garlic bread, politics, donkey kong, pokemon, anime, porn, hentai, the simpsons, putin, trump, dogs.

Mother's Day Roundup: Best Of OK Bye Mom

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cat lady mother's day gifts

10 Purrfect Gifts To Delight Every Cat Loving Mom

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cat mom t shirts

15 Hilarious T-Shirts That Purrfectly Sum Up Your Life As a Cat Mom

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Fail of the Day: Disappointed Customers Say That 1-800-Flowers Ruined Mother’s Day

Via 1-800 Flowers
heartwarming mothers day names Video - 65207041

Heartwarming Video of the Day: Japanese Mothers React to Being Called Their First Names

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Aww of the Day: Rare Set of Twins Hold Hands After Birth

heartwarming mothers day parenting twins - 8183587840
Via ABC News

Adopted Son Gives the Best Mother's Day Gift: His Kidney

mothers day love surgery son - 8179997952
Via Fox News
mothers day Video - 60768769

Google Using Technology to Show How it Can Enrich Your Life

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Cats cute animals cute cat mothers day Video - 37820673

Cats in Slo-Mo of the Day

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Mother's Day History Lesson of the Day

history mothers day regular - 6223046400
Via bloomberg
kid mom mothers day tearjerker Video - 37819137

Heartwarming Tearjerker of the Day

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funny gary busey mothers day Video weird - 37801729

Gary Busey's Mother's Day Tribute of the Day

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George Zimmerman mothers day Trayvon Martin Video - 37801217

Mother's Day Tribute of the Day

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mothers day Video - 37764097

Moms Tribute of the Day

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mothers day supercut Video - 37758465

Supercut of the Day

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