Lab Rats Learn To Drive Tiny Cars

Perhaps Mouse Hunt had it right all along, and rodents are smarter than us. Scientists at the University of Richmond have trained rats to drive tiny cars towards food, suggesting that rats are a lot smarter than we've been giving them credit for. Consider that next time you try to outsmart the rat that sneaks into your kitchen. 

scientists have trained rats to drive tiny cars for food
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Gross Out of the Day: Man Finds Whole Mouse Hiding Out in Subway Sandwich
Via KWG 8
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Nope. Nope. Nope.

An Oregon man found an whole rodent just chillin' inside his Subway sandwich. And if you think this is faked, like so many of these stories before, think again!

The state health department has confirmed that this actually took place.

Just look at that little guy—all comfy under a warm bed of spinach.

Matt Jones witnessed the mouse go into his friend's sandwich.

"It's the funniest thing I've ever seen, but it's also the most disgusting thing I've ever seen," Jones told KWG8. "I laughed because I was like, there is no way this just happened."

The only ray of hope is that the rodent probably didn't come from inside the Subway, but from the spinach company.

On second thought, that's actually not better at all.