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You hear it every year:

“Turkey makes me sleepy because I’m a wittle baby.”

You’re probably so sick of hearing that, and not just because you invited a giant talking baby to your Thanksgiving again, but also because it’s not necessarily true.


Wired has taken umbrage with the idea that the tryptophan-heavy turkey is what causes the Thanksgiving tiredness. In fact, as they point out in this bite-sized video, it’s the whole meal that makes you tired.

From soup to nuts, or whatever Thanksgiving metaphor that works better for this article, the whole meal delivers a hardy mixture of tryptophan and carbs. Ugh, not them again. Basically you get tired because all the food you eat contains these chemicals and all the carbs in potatoes and stuffing you cram down your gullet on Turkey Day force your body to slow down and digest.

Check it out the video and be the smartest person at the table.

myth phones pinky Do You Have Smartphone Pinky? You Better Check Right Now!
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Have you checked your pinky for deformities lately?  Go ahead, we'll wait....
If you noticed a dent or curve in your pinky finger and you own a smartphone you may have 'smartphone pinky' from holding your phone too much. 

Great, one more thing to worry about. 

via @KarenBrownTV

Except, don't worry about this. Your pinky finger is probably totally normal. 

via @faith_james1

According to Popular Science, it's most likely a natural curve of the pinky that a lot of people have or a dent that will go away just like the lines on your face after sleeping face down on your pillow. At worst, it could be a repetitive strain injury from something other than just holding your phone but you would probably know the difference because your pinky would likely also be in pain. In which case you should see a doctor, but not because your smartphone is deforming you. 

Via Tom Scott
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There used to be a rumor that if you call 999, the UK version of 911, you can charge your phone. It's a myth that's often had to be debunked by local police forces all over England. Apparently it all started with Blackberry and what turned out to be a flaw in the programming that developers intended to be a helpful way to conserve battery power for emergencies only. 

Youtube host Tom Scott travels all the way to the Blackberry headquarters in Slough, England to set the record straight. 

As a sidenote, for those of us who are not UK residents, he also takes a moment in the comments to explain why Slough is such a punchline in the video.