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Parody of the Day: 50 Nerds of Grey Makes a Fetîsh Out of Geek Culture

50 nerds of grey continues the legacy of 50 shades of grey jokes.
Via 50NerdsofGrey

Toy of the Day: LEGO to Make a ‘Doctor Who’ Themed Set

Lord of the Rings nerdgasm The Hobbit Video - 65508097

Viral Video of the Day: Air New Zealand Has a New In-Flight Safety Video, and It's Even More "Hobbit" Than the Last

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Music nerdgasm marching band Video g rated win - 65436673

Ohio State University's Marching Band is Back With This Classic Rock Routine

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Music nerdgasm g rated win - 65270785

US Marines and Korean Servicemen Get Into the Drum Battle of the Year

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wizard of oz nerdgasm marching band Video band g rated win - 64818177

The Ohio State Marching Band is Back, This Time With the Wizard of Oz!

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A Charity is Making Prosthetics for the Superheroes in All of Us

design prosthetic nerdgasm superheroes g rated win - 8314098688
Via Uproxx
band nerdgasm TV Video g rated win - 64233473

The Ohio State Marching Band Pulls Out All the Stops With This Compilation of TV Show Themes

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nerdgasm rubiks cube Video - 63675649

Solving a Rubik's Cube Around the World

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design nerdgasm Video - 62296065

One Cube, Many Many Different Shapes

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Music star wars nerdgasm band g rated win - 61182465

The Next John Williams of the Day: Abrams Needs to Hire This One-Man Star Wars Band IMMEDIATELY

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nerdgasm video games Video g rated win - 59905025

A University Professor Super-Sized Tetris to be 29-Stories Tall

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star wars nerdgasm winnie the pooh Video g rated win - 59816193

The Voice of Winnie the Pooh Tries His Hand at Darth Vader. You Don't Want to Miss This.

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Beautiful Geekery of the Day: This is the Tiniest MAME Cabinet You'll Ever See

design nerdgasm video games Video - 8121974784
Via Steve Smith
disney Fan Art nerdgasm The Walking Dead - 224517

Fan Art of the Day: "The Walking Disney" Imagines Kiddie Characters in a Whole New World of Apocalyptic Mayhem

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DIY lego nerdgasm Video - 59155713

LEGO Ingenuity of the Day: There's No Complete LEGO Computer Yet, but This Keyboard is a Good Start

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